Vice-Chancellor Vacancy At University Of Ghana

By | October 19, 2020
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The Council of University of Ghana hereby announces that the post of Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana will fall vacant from 1st August, 2021. A successor is therefore being sought to replace the incumbent Vice-Chancellor, who retires from the University as of that date.

The vision of University of Ghana is to become a “world class research-intensive university”. The mission of University of Ghana, as defined in its corporate strategic plan, is to create an enabling environment that makes the University increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting edge research, as well as high quality teaching and learning.

Founded in 1948, University of Ghana is the oldest and largest University in Ghana and is certainly one of the most distinguished universities in Africa.  University of Ghana has a student population of almost 50,000 and employees numbering approximately 6,000, made up of academic and senior administrative/professional employees, as well as other support staff.

The Position
•    The Vice-Chancellor is the academic and administrative head of the University and is accountable to Council;
•    The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Disciplinary Officer of the University and has authority over all employees of the University and the student body, subject to the Statutes of the University;
•    The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the promotion of quality higher education and research and the provision of academic and administrative leadership;
•    The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for setting and implementing the agenda reflected by the University’s broad strategic plans; initiating new directions in the academic development of the University; and protecting the integrity of the University’s processes;
•    The Vice-Chancellor is the public face of the University and represents the University to the outside world, speaking for University of Ghana in the council of universities world-wide.

The Person
•    Must be of unblemished character and have a high degree of personal integrity;
•    Must hold a PhD and be a Professor with extensive research leadership;
•    Must be a distinguished scholar of international repute, who can inspire, direct and motivate employees in the drive to become a world class research intensive University;
•    Must display creativity in vision;
•    Must have mature and sober judgement;
•    Must possess excellent inter-personal and communication skills, and must be a team player;
•    Must have good business sense and the ability to manage large resources to achieve set goals;
•    Must have good fund raising capabilities;
•    Must be able to hold office for a period of up to four years, by retirement age of 60.

Terms of Appointment
•    To be determined by Council consistent with the University’s Act and Statutes;
•    Salary and fringe benefits attached to the post are attractive;
•    Eligible for reappointment for another term only.

Candidates are to submit an application letter and completed application form UAB 1C to which should be attached the following:

(i)    Curriculum Vitae, including names and addresses of three (3) referees who can attest to the qualities sought.

(ii)    A short vision statement (not more than 5 pages) outlining how the applicant would respond to the University of Ghana Mission and Vision Statements during his/her tenure as Vice-Chancellor. The UG strategic plan can be downloaded at:

Applications (Hard Copy) should be forwarded directly to the following address:
The Chairperson
Search Committee for Vice-Chancellor
c/o Office of the Registrar
University of Ghana
P. O. Box LG 25
Legon, Accra

Or, / (Soft Copy)

Further information about the University of Ghana may be found on the university website at
A copy of this advertisement with further details regarding the position can be found under Employment Opportunities (Quick links) at the University of Ghana website:
The application form UAB 1C can be found at the University’s website:

Monday, 30th November, 2020.



The Vice-Chancellor

  1. The University Council shall appoint the Vice-Chancellor who is answerable to the Council and is the academic and administrative head and chief disciplinary officer of the University.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office on the terms and conditions specified in the letter of appointment.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for a period of up to four years and is eligible for re-appointment for another term only.

Source:         University of Ghana Act  2010, Act 806

The Vice-Chancellor

  1. The University Council shall appoint the Vice-Chancellor who is answerable to the Council and is the academic and administrative head and chief disciplinary officer of the University.  The Vice-Chancellor shall, under the direction of Council, exercise the powers and perform the functions conferred on him or her by section 9 of the Act and these Statutes.  He shall be responsible for the management of the University and shall report to the Council at its regular meetings on the progress and problems of the University.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible for driving the overall growth and development of the University under the direction of the Council and shall have overall authority over the academic, financial and administrative matters.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for a period of up to four years and is eligible for re-appointment for another term only.
  4. The Vice-Chancellor shall submit annually to the Council, a statement of the financial and human resource requirements which in his opinion are necessary for the effective conduct of the business of the University. Council may direct that a copy of the report be placed before the Academic Board for its information.
  5. The Vice-Chancellor is, by virtue of office, a member of Congregation, Convocation, and every committee of the Academic Board.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, the Vice-Chancellor shall have unrestricted rights of attendance and speech at the meetings of all University bodies, whether executive or advisory.
  7. Unless otherwise provided in the Act or in these Statutes, the Vice-Chancellor is, by virtue of office, the Chairperson of every board or committee of which the Vice-Chancellor is a member.
  8. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the Council for the custody of the University Seal and for affixing it to documents in accordance with the Regulations made by Council.
  9. The Council may specify the documents on which the University Seal may be affixed and the procedure to be followed and the recording in a register of the documents to which the Seal has been affixed.
  10. The Vice-Chancellor shall advise the Council and the Academic Board on matters affecting policy, finance, governance and administration of the University.
  11. The Vice-Chancellor may delegate in writing to a senior member the performance of a function vested in the Vice-Chancellor by the Act or these Statutes.
  12. The Vice-Chancellor shall not leave Ghana without prior notification in writing signed by him and addressed to the Chairperson of Council specifying the period of his absence.
  13. Where the Vice-Chancellor and the Pro Vice-Chancellor(s) are absent, one of the Provosts shall act.  In the absence of the Provosts, one of the Deans shall act.
  14. The Vice-Chancellor may resign from office by writing addressed to the Chairperson of Council.
  15. The Vice-Chancellor may only be removed from office for good cause.
  16. Any member of the University may petition Council for the removal of the Vice-Chancellor. A copy of the petition shall be served on the Vice-Chancellor.
  17. Council shall determine whether the petition merits consideration.
  18. Where Council determines that the petition merits consideration, it shall set up a five member committee to investigate the matter raised in the petition.
  19. Both the petitioner and the Vice-Chancellor shall be given the opportunity to be heard during the deliberations of the committee either in person or through a representative.
  20. Council may in its absolute discretion determine whether the Vice-Chancellor shall be temporarily suspended or otherwise interdicted while the inquiry is pending.
  21. Council shall have the right to accept, partially accept, or reject the recommendations of the committee, provided that no recommendation of the committee may take effect unless it has been approved by a special resolution of Council supported by not less than two-thirds of the entire members of Council.
  22. One year before the post of Vice-Chancellor becomes vacant or when the post is vacant, the Council shall appoint a search party or committee to propose a successor for the consideration of the Council composed as follows:
    (a)    Three members nominated by Council;
    (b)    Three members nominated by the Academic Board; and
    (c)    A Chairperson appointed by Council who is neither a member of Council nor of the University.
  23. The search party or committee shall determine its own procedure.
  24. The search party or committee shall report to Council and shall propose at least two names for the consideration of the Council together with the reasons for proposing each candidate.  The search party shall provide a ranking of the proposed names accompanied by the reasons.
  25. A person shall not be appointed Vice-Chancellor who has not been recommended by the search party or committee.
  26. The Registrar shall act as secretary to the search party or committee.

Source:         Statutes of the University of Ghana

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