Towing Services in Ghana

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owing or Wrecker Service means a person engaged in the business or offering the services of a vehicle wrecker or towing service, whereby disabled motor vehicles are towed or otherwise removed from the place where they are disabled by use of a wrecker so designed for that purpose or by a truck, automobile, or other .

Towing Services in Ghana

Adom Towing Services, Phone: 027 743 3167

Big Brain Towing services, Phone: 024 536 4047

Joshua towing service, Phone: 024 642 2444

Rybrand’d Courya, Phone: 054 309 8235

191 Towing Services, Phone: 024 519 9619

Abenfo Towing Services, Phone: 024 472 1643

Truth Towing services, Phone: 027 063 8725

Odimanfo Nyame Towing, Phone: 027 138 3611

Highway Emergency Local Patrol Services-HELPS, Phone: 050 533 4703

Acostar Towing Services, Phone: 024 226 3605

FirstCall Breakdown Assistance and Towing Service, Phone: 030 277 9618

Excoban Car Rentals & Towing services, Phone: 020 835 0083

EXCOBAN car and towing services, Address: 1st Kotobabi Rd, Accra

Ashaiman/Tema Towing Service/Co-operation, Phone: 026 530 2511

How do you fight towing charges?

Preserve the evidence. …

Get your car back (although you don’t have to do this before you request a hearing) …

Take a look at the law and see if the tow was right or wrong. …

if you think that the tow was wrongful, exercise your right to a “tow hearing”.

Can you negotiate towing fees?

Well, probably you can not negotiate for your towing and storage fees. The towing companies usually do not listen to the negotiation of towing and storage fees.

There can be a possible exception if the towing and storage fee costs more than the sale or auction value of the vehicle.