Gate Prices In Ghana

What Is House Gate?

A Gate or gateway is a point of entry to or from a space enclosed by walls. The word derived from old Norse “gat” meaning road or path; But other terms include yett and port. The concept originally referred to the gap or hole in the wall or fence, rather than a barrier which closed it.

As a homeowner, you may be looking for ideas to improve the look and feel of your home. One way to do this is by adding a main gate design. Gates can add privacy and security to your property while also enhancing its appearance. 

What Material Is Gate Made Of?

Wrought iron and steel are particularly expensive solutions for gates, especially when compared to robust custom-made aluminium alternatives.

Types Of Gates?

The best type of gate which is the best for a home are a swing gate , a sliding gate design and a rolling gate design.

A main gate may be the first thing that you think of when you imagine your home. It is the place where guests are welcomed and strangers might be turned away. If you’re hosting a party, it’s where guests enter and/or exit to get in or out of your home. Whether you have a wide gate or a tall gate, there are many options for gates to meet your needs. Below are some ideas for different types of main gates:

Iron Main Front gate

The Iron Main Front Gate type is a strong and sturdy gate. It has a steel construction, making it durable and sturdy. This gate can be placed at the front entrance of your home or business, making it very secure and highly secured.

Stainless Steel Gate

Stainless steel gates are the most common simple iron gate options for a main entrance. These gates are typically made of thick, heavy, and durable stainless steel. One of the benefits to these gates is that they offer a lot of versatility in terms of design, as well as making them a long-lasting investment.

Wooden Main Gate

Wooden gates are an excellent choice for a main gate because of their lasting durability. They also have a rustic appeal and are easy to maintain with occasional scrubbing. Wooden gates also make for a simple focal point on the property.

Aluminium Gate

There are many creative ways to make your main gate look as good as it can be. One way is by installing aluminium doors on it. This will offer a stylish and elegant design that will fit in with the rest of your home without having to do any extra work on it.

Wrought Iron Gate

A wrought iron main gate is a very practical option for a fence around a front or backyard. The gate is made of interlocking metal pieces that are pulled together in the centre to build one solid frame which looks like one piece. This type of gate has many benefits, such as being durable, beautiful and rust-resistant.

Composite Gate

Composite gates are a type of gate that combines metal, wood, and plastic. They are stronger and more durable than other types of gates. Composite gates also come in many different colours. A composite gate can be installed with few or no posts, making it one of the best options for a main gate. The main disadvantage to composite gates is that they typically cost more than other types of gates.

Front gates based on their opening 

There are many different varieties of front gates for your front entrance. These range from a:

  • Folding Gate
  • Sliding front Gate
  • Fence Gate

Folding Gate

Folding gates are a great option for patios and entry ways. They can be easily opened and closed in an instant and do not require any tools to install. Folding gates are also ideal for smaller spaces as they allow for easy installation by simply unfolding the gate into place.

Sliding front Gate

One idea for the main gate of a home is to have a sliding door that opens to the street. This could be made in metal or wood and would provide protection from the elements while being aesthetically pleasing. It would be difficult to make this with a permanent structure, so it would require constant maintenance and replacing.

Fence Gate

A fence gate is a really simple idea that can be used to create a nice entrance into your yard. By using this gate, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the trees and greenery without worrying about vehicles. It will also help the aesthetics of your home by adding some privacy. You can even build steps onto it for

Why Is House Gate Important?

Security: This is the most important function of having an entrance gate, to help keep intruders out of your home. For a gate to be reliable it should be strong and impossible to evade by someone trying to break in. It should withstand its strength through repeated use.

Where Should Main Gate Be?

Vastu suggests that north, east, northeast and west are the best directions for the main gate. These directions are considered auspicious, due to their position with respect to the sun. Ideally, avoid placing the main gate in the south, northwest (northern side), southeast (eastern side), or southwest.

What Is Normal Gate Size?

The common driveway gate sizes are 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet. Driveway usually measures between 9 and 24 feet wide, with most towards the smaller end of that scale. The driveway gate should be a little wider than your driveway entrance. Use a tape measure, and measure your driveway.

Gate Prices In Ghana:

Metal 14 Feet×7 Ft Push/Sliding Gates GH₵ 6,000.00

Fence Wall Main Gate GH₵ 5,000.00

Rolling Gate GH₵ 2,800.00

Gate With Wood GH₵ 6,000.00