DSTV Decoder Prices In Ghana

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What Is DSTV Decoder?

A full DSTV installation package includes a decoder, branded satellite dish and ancillaries to help you control/manage your system as well as install or connect add-ons. These include a remote controller, smart LNB and wifi connectors. An LNB down-converter or antenna is required on every satellite dish to receive signals.

How Do You Use A DSTV Decoder?

Connect the cable from the satellite dish directly to the LNB input on the back of the decoder. Connect either cable from the satellite dish directly to the LNB input on the back of the decoder. Connect any one of the four cables from the satellite dish directly to the LNB input on the back of the decoder.

What Is the best DStv decoder?

The DStv Explora Ultra puts the power in your hands so you can enjoy all the best content, exactly the way you want to. Enjoy streaming services including DStv, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube – directly from the APPS button on your remote.

Types of DStv Decoders and Price List – MultiChoice Hardware:

MultiChoice offers customers 8 groups of decoders that can be installed with your satellite dish.

  • SD Single View

Produced in 1995 to 2005, these include the SD 1110, 1131 and 1132. Earlier models include the DSD series (Model 660 to 990). It comes with high quality SD (standard definition) image resolution, 8-day programme planner, channel search, movie reminders, TV parental control, custom channels setup, next-2 programme viewer and ability to link to two or three decoders using XtraView.

  • HD Single View

Launched in August 2014, this decoder offers HD (high definition) television images with a 720x1080i resolution. It features Dolby Digital 5.1 which produces high quality surround sound, 8-day TV programme planner, movie reminders, TV parental control, advanced channel search, widescreen setting, 24 hour programme schedule viewer, HD menus, interactive apps, SDH subtitles and XtraView connection for up to 3 decoders. Proper installation, dish alignment and the right equipment is required to get the best results. A dish minimum size 80cm dish should be used as well as a single-output LNB also known as a single-line LNB. This decoder is also compatible with a MultiChoice Smart LNB, UniCable LNB or the old-fashioned DSTv Switch/2 or 4 LNB combo used in earlier decoder models. The UniCable LNB is a modern LNB down-converter which is manufactured as a single device rather than a separate DSTv Switch and twin/quad LNB. The MultiChoice Smart LNB has 2 universal ports and 4 DSTv Unicable ports. That means you can connect up to 4 dstv decoders, but MultiChoice only allows a maximum of 3 decoders via XtraView frequency settings.

An HDMI cable and HD TV is required to enable HD viewing.

MultiChoice retail price: Standalone decoder R449, Installed decoder R649.

Additional Fees: XtraView linking to extra decoder R90 per month.

HD Single View Models:

  • DStv HD decoder Model 4u
  • DStv HD decoder Model 5s
  • DStv HD decoder Model 6s (Launched in May 2019, retailing for R399 standalone and R599 including installation)
  • DStv HD decoder Model 7s (Zapper)
  • DStv HD decoder Model 8s
  • SD PVR

This decoder was launched in 2005. It is being phased out and will no longer be available, manufactured nor supported for repairs, maintenance, parts replacement and software updates, so if you are thinking of getting this device – Don’t. Get newer models which are supported by MultiChoice. For those still using the SD-PVR, the model still works but its functionality will be limited and you will get performance issues caused by outdated processors and low memory. Upgrade to a newer or refurbished replacement through your insurance policy or trade-in at the MultiChoice service centre or agent. Terms and conditions apply. A trade-in is whereby you can purchase a new model or installation package at a discount, ranging from 40% to 53%.

  • HD PVR (4-Tuner)

This decoder was launched in 2008. HD-PVR is an abbreviation for High Definition Personal Video Recorder. Modern dstv decoders come with an inbuilt digital video recorder, and the HD-PVR is a classic set-top box that can record and save live television on your device, allowing you to watch movies at your own time and settings. Live TV can be paused for later viewing and up to 150 hours of HD television can be recorded. Simultaneous recording of two channels is possible while you are switched on to another live channel that you are currently watching. Programs can be rewinded back to the start or earlier position, set on slow-motion and fast-forwarded. The HD-PVR set-top box comes with a monthly access fee and XtraView support for 2 decoders.

How many satellite TV programs can you record at once with an HD-PVR decoder?

A 4-tuner hd-pvr set-top box gives more recording options than a 2-tuner. With a 2-tuner, you can simultaneously record one channel while watching another channel or you can record two live channels at the same time. The second option is preferable if you aren’t watching TV i.e. if you are busy with something else or out of home. Just set the decoder to dual-recording and go out, then come back to watch the video playback. Dual tuners were adopted in the satellite/cable tv market as early as 2003.

A 4-tuner allows you to simultaneously record up to 3 channels while watching another channel or you can record up to 4 live channels at the same for later viewing.

Additional Access Fees: HD PVR(4-Tuner) decoder R105 per month.

  • HD PVR (2-Tuner)

The decoder was launched in May 2012 as a joint development between MultiChoice and Altech UEC (Pty) Ltd retailing for R1,499 and access fee of R65 per month. A 2-tuner hd-pvr set-top box by MultiChoice has noticeable differences as well as similarities with the 4-tuner. Its maximum recording capacity for HD television is 50 hours and that for SD television is 150 hours. Since it has only two tuners, you can simultaneously record one live channel while watching another or you can record two live channels at the same time for later viewing. Live programs can be rewinded and paused for a maximum time of 2 hours. Saved videos can be fast forwarded and set to slow motion. The set-top box comes with an XtraView connection for 2 decoders.

  • DSTv Explora 1

Known as Explora or Explora 1, this new generation decoder was launched on 15 August 2013. It raises the standards in screen quality, recording capacity and extra features which are not available on other HD-PVR set-top tv boxes. Viewers will enjoy the crystal clear full HD tv, simultaneous recording of live channels while switched on another channel in viewing mode, pausing live TV for 2 hours at most, maximum recording capacity of 220 hours, option to download and save the whole series, XtraView support for 2 or 3 decoders and video playback of downloaded programs – rewind, fast forward, slow motion and replay. Subscribers are required to pay R105 per month for 3 decoders on XtraView in addition to the normal R105 access fee for DSTv Explora which includes XtraView support for a single decoder.

How Do I Connect My DStv Decoder to my TV?

Decoder to your TV:

If you are using an HDMI cable, then plug it into the HDMI port on the back of your decoder and then plug the other end into an HDMI input port on your TV. You will then need to switch to the relevant HDMI source/input channel on your television.

Is A DStv Decoder A Set-Top Box?

A decoder as the name implies decodes digital TV signals from a DBS satellite. It’s also known as a receiver or set-top TV box. It is the rectangular box that comes with your dish and it contains software which can be updated and upgraded on your compatible device. If you intend to change (upgrade or downgrade) your subscription package, the customer is required to contact MultiChoice. This can be done via the DSTV mobile app (Google Play/Apple Store), DSTV self-serve internet portal, running an SMS USSD code on your smartphone or using the WhatsApp Self-Service automated chat number provided by your DSTv national branch.

DSTV Decoder Prices In Ghana:

DStv Ghana offers two types of decoders: DStv Explora and HD Zapper.
On average, the standard price for their decoders are as follows:

  • HD Zapper decoder + Dish kit + 1-month Access is GHS 169.00
  • Explora only GHS 499.00
  • Explora + Dish kit + Install + Smart LNB is GHS 849.00
  • HD Zapper decoder costs GHS 139.00