Where to buy Dudu Osun Soap in Ghana

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DuduOsun finds its origin with the Yoruba people in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. The name Dudu Osun is derived from two Yoruba words “osun” (camwood) and “dudu” (black). This translates as “camwood soap”, although “osun” can also be translated as “ose” which means soap. This translates as “black soap”.

Where to buy Dudu Osun Soap in Ghana

Dudu – Osun African Black Soap


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What is the use of Dudu Osun soap?

The soap works particularly well for those with congested skin, dark spots, oily skin types and damaged skin. However, the soap can also be beneficial in the healing process for conditions like Eczema.

Does Dudu Osun soap lighten the skin?

If you wish to have a shiny and radiant skin, then Dudu Osun African Black Soap will be the right choice for you.

It is known to lighten your skin tone and improve your complexion.

Lemon Juice in the soap helps fight acne and other bacterial growth on your skin.

How do you know if Dudu Osun soap is original?

How Do I Know Original Dudu Osun

The “I” in the “Tropical Naturals” logo written on soap’s packet is dotted with a leaf.

The “O” the “Tropical Naturals” logo is represented by an orange sun with a palm tree within.

Every soapbox has a leaf-shaped cut-out which lets you see the soap within.

Is Dudu Osun good for washing hair?

Anytime I use Dudu Osun to wash my hair, I feel healthy.

This is simply because it cleanses my scalp thoroughly.

You’ll still need to use conditioner after you use the soap, but it doesn’t leave your hair hard and dry as many other synthetic shampoos do. Cleanses the Scalp.