Kennedy Digital Satellite TV Prices In Ghana

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What Is Kennedy Digital Satellite?

Kennedy Digital Satellite offers a wide range of digital satellite services that provide users with high quality TV viewing experiences at an affordable price. The company has multiple shops located across Ghana, as well as a robust online presence.

Kennedy Digital Satellite also offers a variety of value-added services, such as installation and maintenance support.

 Kennedy Digital Satellite is a well-known company in Ghana that deals with electrical products. They sell TVs from Nasco, Midea, Samsung, Chigo, Phillips, and other manufacturers. Kennedy Digital Satellite has a variety of brands and types of televisions, all of which are reasonably priced.

The Kennedy Digital Satellite TV prices in Ghana are really affordable. Kennedy Digital Satellite is one of the best satellite service providers in Ghana with a huge range of channels to suit all tastes and budgets of different brands.

Kennedy Digital Satellite TV Prices in Ghana

See below the full prices of Kennedy Digital Satellite TV:

TV Size (inches)Price(s)
Satellite Led TV 24″GH₵550.00
Satellite Led TV 32″GH₵750.00
Satellite Led TV 40″GH₵1,000.00
Satellite Led TV 43″GH₵1350.00
Satellite Led TV 54″GH₵1800.00
65” LED TV Smart/4K DisplayGH₵5100.00