Hearse Service in Ghana

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hearse is a large vehicle, especially an automobile, used to carry the dead body of a person in a coffin/casket at a funeral, wake, or memorial service

Hearse Service in Ghana

A&A Funeral Services, Phone: 050 600 0042

Gillman and Abbey Funeral Services, Phone: 050 127 8911

Western Region Ambulance and Hearse Drivers Association, Phone: 024 402 8873

Transitions Place, Phone: 055 380 2202

What do you call a hearse driver?

Hearse drivers are, quite simply, called hearse driversThey‘re sometimes referred to as chauffeurs.

Do hearses smell?

hearse is typically the cleanest car you will ever see.

Even if a funeral home uses it as a first call vehicle, it must be clean come the next funeral.

NO there are no foul smells! One guy insisted to use Pine-sol because it’s the only thing that will cover the smell.

What does it mean if you see a hearse?

No matter what, a hearse is the sign of imminent death.

Most people have some type of superstitions about seeing one, and most of us will be unable to avoid being the passenger in one way or another.

Do you need a CDL to drive a hearse?

Hearse drivers have no educational requirements.

They typically receive training on the job.

These positions require a commercial driver’s license.

Who walks in front of the hearse?

The hearse, potentially with the funeral director walking in front.

The chief mourners.

This is usually the immediate family: their spouse and children, or their parents and siblings.

Other close family and friends.