Earrings Prices In Ghana

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What Is Earrings?

An Earring Is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear. Earrings have been worn by people in different civilizations and historic periods, often with cultural significance.

What Is The Purpose Of Earrings?

The impulse to decorate or to modify the appearance of the ear seems to be almost universal.

What Is Earring Importance?

Earring, a personal ornament worn pendent from the ear, usually suspended by means of a ring or hook passing through a pierced hole in the lobe of the ear or, in modern times, often by means of a screwed clip on the lobe. The impulse to decorate or to modify the appearance of the ear seems to be almost universal.

What Are Earrings Made Of?

Surgical Steel, Plastic, Silicone, or Acrylic

Many earrings are now made with either surgical steel or plastic posts (rather than gold). The advantage of this is that it lowers the price of the earrings. I often wear these surgical steel stud earrings to sleep because they are so comfortable.

Why People Wear Earrings

They are a perfect adornment for women of all ages. Earrings intensify the feel of womanhood and femininity. The use of earrings dates back hundreds of years and what is more surprising is that ear piercings actually began with men in the first place. With time they got strongly associated with women and now, both men and women have ear piercings as a part of the Gen Z trends.

How Do You Wear Earrings?

Slide the end into your ear, point-first, and slowly twist the earring as it goes in. You need to wiggle it around a bit to get it in and find the hole. Sometimes it’s at an awkward angle! Push until the front of the earring is flush against your ear or until the earring is as far in as you want it to go.

Do Earrings Make You Look More Attractive?

First of all, earrings improve the overall appearance of a person, whether it is a man or a woman. Therefore, having this gem would work in their favor. The other reason why some find men look better with earrings is that it appeals to their feminine energy.

 Reasons To Wear Earrings: 

Ever wonder what is it with a woman and their love for ornaments and jewelry? Ornaments add a finishing touch to your look without this finishing touch, even the best outfits go dull and drab. Earrings are closest to your face which is why they make you look very attractive and complete.

Beauty Enhancement

Earrings are worn for many, many reasons. But the sole purpose for which most women and girls wear earrings is for the enhancement of their beauty. Beauty is considered to be an important aspect of a woman’s personality. The right pair of earrings can enhance your everyday look. They can easily add a pop of color to your outfit. You can make the simplest of outfits look utterly stunning by addition of the right piece of accessories. Earrings always make you look fashionable and trendy. However, keep a close eye on what suits your personality, what goes well with your hair, and what’s best for your age. Read our guide about the earrings that will make you look younger.

Cultural Ritual

Other than the aesthetic reasons for wearing earrings, there are some other religious and cultural rituals attached to it. Some wear it because of mere superstitious reasons. Others wear it as a part of cultural norms. In some cultures, the adornment of women with ornaments is considered to be necessary. They define the feminine aura of the lady. Some married women are expected to wear earrings or other jewelry at all times to make them look a certain way which screams “I’m a married woman!”

Superstitious Beliefs

While earrings are worn for purely aesthetic or cultural reasons to date, previously they were also associated with some superstitious beliefs. They were thought to be good with evil spirits and evil eyes. Earrings were considered a good luck charm that could potentially save sailors from drowning. I mean what were these people thinking? Gladly, today’s world is way ahead of these superstitions.

Status Symbol

Earrings are also worn by women as a status symbol. Especially gold or diamond earrings are worn by women with everyday outfits that portray that these women belong to a certain class. These precious gold and diamond earrings exhibit the power and strength that belongs to their status. Also, pearls symbolize a high social standing. Pearls are often worn by queens that run kingdoms. Thereby, pearl earrings symbolize the wealth and the classy attitude of the wearer.

Religious Reasons

Some religions also encourage the wearing of ornaments. Especially gold ornaments such as gold earrings define a woman. They add charm to her personality and are also considered to be a symbol of strength and femininity.

Earrings Prices In Ghana:

Crytal Iced Zicronum Diamonds Stone Unisex Earrings GH₵ 80.00

Double Stud Earrings GH₵ 80.00

U-Shaped Jelly Earrings GH₵ 45.00

Copper Earrings Set GH₵ 35.00

Fulani Earrings GH₵ 65.00