How To Become High Court Judge In Ghana

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A judge is an appointed or elected officer of the law who rules over court cases and determines the final verdict after hearing from the parties that presented their case. Judges fall under the judiciary arm of government. Judges have interesting roles to play in maintaining law and order in our society.

Below is How To Become High Court Judge In Ghana

If you are planning on pursuing a career as a Judge you need to know the necessary requirements and all steps involved to attain such height. We have made that simple for you in this article.

Steps to Becoming a Judge

You must have attained at least first degree in Law (LLB)

There is a judiciary examination you have to take after you have acquired a law degree in an accredited institution.

Candidates for the exam must be between 21-35 years.

They must have a minimum of seven years of practice.

The judicial exam is in three phases:

Preliminary exam


Viva-Voce or interview.

If you want to become a high court judge, you must have been called to the Ghana Bar for at least ten years.

Those who have the ambition to become circuit court judges should have been in the law profession for about five years.

Then, those who have been at the bar for about three years can qualify for magistrates.

How judges are appointed in Ghana?

The Chief Justice is appointed by the President of Ghana acting in consultation with the Council of State and with the approval of the country’s Parliament.

The other Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President acting on the advice of the Judicial Council and in consultation with the Council of State.

What is the name of the first female Chief Justice of Ghana?

Georgina Theodora Wood.

Universities And Colleges Offering Law In Ghana

Ghana School Of Law

Wisconsin International University College Faculty Of Law

University of Ghana School Of Law

UPSA Bachelor Of Law LLB

Mountcrest University College Faculty Of Law

Gimpa Faculty OF Law

UCC Faculty Of Law

Knust Faculty Of Law

Central University College Faculty Of Law

Zenith University College Faculty Of Law

Kings University College Faculty Of Law

Lancaster University Ghana Faculty Of Law

Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies