Flora Tissue Prices In Ghana

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What Is Flora Tissue?

Flora Facial Tissue is essential for you for facial makeup, to clean your face on a hot day or for hygienic purpose, when you have a runny nose. It is dust-free and safely cleans your face. . All Facial Tissue variants of this No.

What Is Tissue Used For?

The tissues we think of are the ones we see and use every day, such as toilet paper, napkins, and facial tissues, but tissue is also in sanitary papers used for sterile medical procedures and in decorative tissue paper for gifts.

Where Is Flora Tissue Paper Made?

The tissue production process starts in the paper mill where the pulp paste, is treated with hot water refined and manufactured in order to obtain parent reels.

What Is Flora Tissue Made Of?

it is made using paper pulp (wood fibre) or recycled paper materials such as cardboard, newspapers, or certain types of juice carton. The wet pulp is then rolled on a paper machine until the desired thickness is achieved.

Who Uses Tissue Paper?

Tissue papers are manufactured for the use of personal hygiene. They are found in restaurants, hotels, guest rooms, tables, washrooms, cars, kitchens, etc.

Is Tissue Safe To Use?

The answer is yes by the majority of the people. Tissue papers have negligible side effects due to some chemical composition which are added for their color and softness.

What Are The Properties Of Tissues?

The properties of biological tissues are wide ranging, from cell membranes with a modulus of about 10−4 MPa to bone with ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and modulus of about 200 MPa and 15 to 20 GPa, respectively.

Is Tissue Good For Face?

Uses of facial tissues

Due to their strength, soft texture and light absorptive qualities, tissues are useful as a facial blotter, particularly at work, as they are able to absorb the oil from your t-zone without rubbing off any makeup.

Advantages Of Tissues:

To avoid germs in flu and sneezing:

To avoid germs in flu and sneezing is quite a big challenge. There are many cures and ways to deal with flu and cold. You have to deal with the runny nose and the mess that caused by sneezing. It seems like facial tissues provides a best solution because they can be discarded after use. Many people prefer to use facial tissues because they are easy to dispose after use and it is the best way to blow out the nasal secretions.

Cleanliness Purposes:

Facial tissue is a common item available in our bags and pockets to use when needed. WBM Care tissues are designed with the purpose of hygiene and cleanliness. Our tissue papers are highly absorbent to quickly dry your skin and it is quite handy to quickly mop up sweat of your eyebrows. Our tissues are best to clean your eye glasses because it doesn’t scratch the lenses and gently removes dust as well.

To remove makeup:

The main purpose behind tissue paper creation is to remove the makeup and was early used by the women and girls only. Our face tissues are best to remove the makeup such as eyeliner and mascara and cold cream from your face while being gentle and not stripping skin moisture. You can also use our facial tissues.

Keep your lipstick Long Lasting:

Apply lipstick and plump tissues between your lips to keep your lip stick long lasting. Our tissues can absorb the extra lipstick and give you the more perfect and amazing look.

Flora Tissue Prices In Ghana:

The cost of Flora Tissue products in Ghana varies due to type or size and quantity of tissue you might be purchasing on the market; So prices ranges from  – GH¢20. GH¢60 ·GH¢90 GH¢180 · GH¢1,500.00..!!!