Gone Phone Prices In Ghana

What Is Goine Phone?

Gionee Mobile has been serving in the field of technology for a couple of years in Ghana. Knowing the demands of Ghana people, gionee produces and sells good quality smartphones. Not only this, gionee mobiles provide with slim, gorgeous design, appropriate display size, good quality cameras for selfie and photography, sufficient battery life, and advanced connectivity options like 3G and 4G network, WiFi, GPS and NFC. gionee smartphones often released with adequate RAM and ROM so consumers can play and store with ease. Moreover, gionee mobile prices are quite reasonable so a consumer would not hesitate when buying a gionee smartphone in Ghana.

For assistance in choosing a gionee phone in Ghana, On this page Mobile57 Ghana providing latest gionee mobile prices, and features. So a consumer can check the price and specs in order to find out a suitable gionee phone. Also, Users can compare new gionee cell phone prices features and Specs before buying a gionee mobile phone in Ghana.

Are Gionee Mobiles Good?

Gionee is very good and worth phone. Camera and design is very well. good battery life, amazing sound system. This phone Camera clarity is very well.

Is Gionee An Android Phone?

This list contains 11 Gionee Mobile Phones With Android 10 & Above Android Version in India. Top 3 Gionee Mobile Phones With Android 10 & Above Android Version are as follows: Gionee M12 Pro: upto 256 GB, Wi-Fi, 6 GB RAM, 4G, 1.99 GHz Processor.

Are Gionee Phones Safe?

Gionee has been found to be infecting phones with malware. Gionee was making money from users by infecting their phones. The company is said to infect phones with a particular Trojan Horse.

Does Gionee Battery Last?

Apart from the selfie camera, Gionee has focused on the battery performance. The A1 features a 4,010mAh battery which is claimed to offer about up to two days of backup with mixed usage.

How Long Does Gionee Phone Last?

The 6,020mAH battery is undoubtedly a mouthful, however the manufacturers of the Gionee M5 claim that the device lasts longer than any other Smartphone ever made, offers a mouthwatering 682 hours of standby time and about 4 days of active talk time.

Goinee Phone Prices In Ghana:

Goinee G13 Pro is GhHc 604.00 

Goinee K10 is GHc 763.00

Gionee M15 is GHc 1,342.00

Gionee Ti13 is GhC 854.00