art critic and historian

Who is an art critic and historian and what do they do? The task of an art critic and historian is a competent evaluation of visual art.

What are the activities of an art critic and historian? She/he may work in galleries, where s/he deals with collections of pictures or other works of art, evaluates, classifies and documents. S/he is also engaged in research of certain areas or periods of visual art. Gives professional explanations at various exhibitions of visual art relating to the exhibits, or on TV or in periodicals, where s/he presents expert information on various areas of art or on the exhibition itself. A very frequent activity of art critics and historians is the preparation of art criticism. It is published both in specialised art periodicals and in normal magazines and newspapers and serves as an important tool for making available current information and for influencing public opinion. An art critic and historian also prepares expert opinions for the purpose of trading in works of art, for auctions or legal proceedings.

Where is it done and under what conditions? Primarily in offices and exhibition rooms, where the working environment is relatively problem free.

What tools/equipment do an art critic and historian use? The spoken and written word and standard office equipment, but computers and information technology generally are widely used.

What do you need to succeed?
You need to have graduated from a university that has a strong faculty of art and art history, have a strong interest in art, and the ability to put ideas into a context.