Graphic Design Prices In Ghana

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What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design Is a profession, applied art and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives. Graphic design is an interdisciplinary branch of design and of the fine arts. 

What Does A Graphic Designer Usually Do?

Graphic Designers create visual concepts to communicate information. They create everything from posters and billboards to packaging, logos and marketing materials. Graphic Designers use elements such as shapes, colors, typography, images and more to convey ideas to an audience.

Types Of Graphic Design: 

  • Brand Identity and Logo Design

Graphic design specializing in brand identity and logos envision, propose, and design fresh, powerful visual identities for new and existing brands, organizations, products, and services. Along with fonts and colors, logos are central to brand identity, requiring a unique selection and arrangement of colors, shapes, and designs that will be used to represent the brand nearly everywhere from websites to company buildings to advertisements. When creating or updating a brand identity, designers may also produce business cards, letterhead, ads, and many other different types of graphic design outputs featuring the new brand identity.

  • Packaging Design

Design working in package design must have a passion for designing for 3D shapes, including the inside and outside of packaging. Their job is to create designs that protect the product in shipping, catch the eye of a consumer in a store, and then, when viewed up close, inform and persuade shoppers. This type of design not only involves initial sketches and computer work, but also testing your design on physical mockups to check every angle. An understanding of packaging materials and their environmental impact are other important aspects of this career.

  • Web and Mobile Design

Design may focus on either of these two different types of graphic design areas, as long as they know the standards and best practices of the medium for which they’re designing. In these roles, designers design the pages, layout, and graphics for apps or websites, working closely with developers to ensure the feasibility and proper functionality of their designs. They also help to plan a site’s or app’s navigation, structure, and user experience, creating continuity, order, and simplicity across all pages or screens. Knowing the basics of coding will help in this career. More specialized roles within web and mobile design include user experience design, user interface design, and information architecture. 

  • Layout and Print Design

Design involved in layout and print design strive to find the perfect balance between text and graphics, creating designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to read for magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters, and more. For layout and print graphic designers, the placement of imagery and the selection of font and typeface is of particular concern, especially when working with large amounts of text. Familiarity with printing processes and production is also essential for success in this career.

Role Of Graphic Design?

Graphic Design create visual concepts to communicate information. They create everything from posters and billboards to packaging, logos and marketing materials. Graphic Design use elements such as shapes, colors, typography, images and more to convey ideas to an audience. Graphic Design can work in-house, creating designs specifically for one brand, or at an agency or as a freelancer, where they work with a variety of clients.

The role of Graphic Design varies depending on where they work. Some tasks that designers may work on include selecting photos and typefaces, developing layouts, and designing logos. Graphic Design may specialize in a particular area, such as motion graphics or print media.

Graphic Design often need to communicate with clients and consumers to develop designs that portray an intended message. They also collaborate with other graphic designers, marketers, business analysts, writers, and programmers to create successful products, campaigns, or websites.

How Can I Learn Graphic Design?

  • Learn key design principles. Graphic design is a visual communication tool that combines the use of graphics, typography, color, and illustration to communicate a message.
  • Find a course.
  • Master design programs.
  • Network with fellow designers.
  • Practice, then practice some more.

Why Is Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design is an important marketing tool, so a Designer can add value to many workplaces. However, the demand for Graphic Designers does vary depending on the industry. In computer systems design and related services, however, the need for Graphic Designers is expected to grow as more companies continue to increase their digital presence.

There are also many opportunities for Graphic Designers to branch out into other design fields. Graphic Designers have many transferable skills, which can help them transition into related professions, such as UX/UI design or web development.

7 Ways Graphic Design Benefits Your Business:

  • Employee pride and productivity.
  • Saves time.
  • Saves money.
  • High-quality visuals increase viewer interaction.
  • Graphic communication: it’s more than a trend.
  • Attract and keep customers interested.
  • Strengthens your brand.

Graphic Design Prices In Ghana:

The cost of Graphic design in Ghana starts from GHS 250.00 to GHS 550.00..!!!