Where to buy Licorice Powder in Ghana

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UrbanMakes, Phone: 024 220 9674

Cedarlane Health Foods Stores, Address: 7 Faanofa Rd, Accra

MEJS Naturals, Phone: 054 023 9747

Addpharma Retail – North Industrial Area, Phone: 030 226 0712

Body Organics Ghana, Phone: 023 893 7416

Shoprite Accra Mall, Phone: 030 282 3013

Addpharma – Bukom Arena Branch, Phone: 024 466 2440

Shoprite Achimota Mall, Phone: 024 350 0498

Frimy Super Foods, Phone: 055 880 8730

Shoprite The Junction, Phone: 027 105 7335

Maxmart 37, Phone: 030 299 9979

MaxMart -A&C Square, Phone: 030 251 8881

Kantamanto market, Accra, Ghana, Phone: 024 490 7388

Nokware Skincare Retail Store, Phone: 055 056 1335

Cleo Beauty Supply, Phone: 054 598 9367

Does licorice powder lighten skin?

One of the most potent and active compounds of licorice root extract is glabridin [15].

It has skin lightening properties and prevents the production of the enzyme tyrosinase [16], which makes the skin go dark after exposure to the sun.

How do you drink licorice powder?

Mixing the herb with a skin-friendly gel, such as aloe vera gel, to help eczema.

Steeping loose herbs in hot water to make tea for a sore throat or purchasing a prepared herbal tea that has licorice as a primary ingredient.

How long does it take for licorice to lighten skin?

For the soothing effect, you can feel it on the first application, however, the antioxidant and relieving [of] redness and irritation [takes a] few days,” Rani confirms.

For the skin lightening, you need about a month due to skin’s renewal process, so [keep use consistent for] at least 28 days,” she says.