Door Frame Prices In Ghana

What Is Door Frame?

Door Frame

 Is the jambs and upper transverse member enclosing the sides and top of a doorway and usually supporting a door.

In architecture and joinery, the chambranle is the border, frame, or ornament, made of stone or wood, that is a component of the three sides round chamber doors, large windows, and chimneys. When a chambranle is plain and without mouldings, it is called a band, case, or frame. 

What Is Door Frame Used For?

One of the main purposes of a door frame is to support the functions and structure of the door. A door frame is typically comprised of a door jamb, head, sill, and lining, which are all crucial in supporting and even levelling the door.

What Is Door Frame In Construction?

A door frame is the structure the door leaf or panel is fitted to and provides a solid structure within a rough opening. For hinged doors, the hinges attach to the frame; for sliding doors, the track is fitted to a frame for rollers to slide across; and folding doors have hinges and tracks in their frames.

Do Doors Need Frames?

The frame is an essential piece that is mostly hidden within a wall, which helps support a door and allows it to open and close. On the surface, a frame may not look like much, but there are many necessary parts with which you should become familiar.

What Is Door Frame Attached To?

A door jamb is the vertical piece of wood that runs either side of the door. The jamb is the section of the door frame that your door is attached to via hinges. The opposite door jamb will contain the recess which allows the door to be opened, closed, and locked.

Types of Door Frame:

  • Inward Opening Door Frames And Outward Opening Door Frames.
  • Open Door Frame.
  • Closed Door Frame.
  • Door Frame with Glazing Panels.
  • Pocket Door Frame.
  • Fanlight Door Frame.
  • Sidelight Door Frame.

How Tall Should Door Frame Be?

The height of common doors is 6 feet 8 inches. The standard height of the rough opening for a door is the door height plus 2 5/8 inches. The additional room allows for a 3/4-inch top jamb, a shim space above the door jamb and the thickness of underlayment and finish flooring.

Importance Of Door Frames?

The primary purpose of the door jambs, and the door frame as a whole, is to provide a lasting support for the door. When hung, the door relies on this framing. The door jambs and other components of the frame are installed with care to ensure that the door hangs level to the floor.

Advantages Of Door Frames?

  • Support the Door

One of the main purposes of a door frame is to support the functions and structure of the door. A door frame is typically comprised of a door jamb, head, sill, and lining, which are all crucial in supporting and even levelling the door. Without installing the components of the door frame properly, the door may become crooked and uneven. A door that is installed alongside a functional door frame, alternatively, can be opened and closed smoothly. The gaps between the door and the door frame will likewise be filled appropriately, ensuring that the property will be more energy-efficient.

  • Facilitate Hinging

Another great purpose of the door frame is to facilitate the hinging of the door. A door is typically screwed on the door frame through hinges. Aside from keeping the door fully integrated into the door frame, the hinges also act as the main mechanism that allows the door to swing open and close smoothly. The closing operation of the door, alternatively, is supported by the knob or handle. When closing the door, the knob or handle and its components must meet the door frame. A weak door frame would only cause issues on the door as it could not support the key functions of the hinges and the locks.

  • Boost Protection

One more purpose of the door frame is to boost the protection of the property. With a functional and strong door frame, the door can be hinged into it perfectly, preventing burglars and thieves from entering the property easily. Even with multiple attempts of destroying the door, the durable door frame and its connection to the hinges and the lock will not break quickly. Opting for a weak door frame, alternatively, would only allow burglars and thieves to enter your property in just a short time. Hence, you must utilise not only a strong door frame and a reliable door but also a dependable lock system.

Door Frame Prices in Ghana:

8 inches Door Frame

Price: GH₵ 250.00

Fun Light Door Frame

Price: GH₵ 200.00

Wooden Door Frame

Price: GH₵ 100.00

DIYHD Sliding Pocket Door Frame and Rolling Hardware for Door Height 96″

Price: GH₵ 1.328.00

DIY Exterior Door Jamb Frame Kit, Pine Wood, Primed, Bundled, Finger Jointed, 1.25 in. x 4.563 in. x 82.5

PriceGH₵ 957.00

Wooden door frames

Price: GH₵120.00