How To Buy DSTV In Ghana

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DStv Ghana Packages - Price list, Channels 2021

What are the DStv Ghana packages, and what are their prices? How many channels are in each package, and how do you make a subscription payment? This post is a complete guide on DStv Ghana packages, channels list, and prices.

Knowing the content and price of each package enables you to choose between the packages for the best and suitable package for your personal, household, and business needs.

List of DStv Packages, Number of Channels, and Monthly and Yearly Prices

Below is the list of DStv Ghana packages, number of channels, and price list;

DStv Ghana PackagesNumber of ChannelsPrice (Per Month)Price (Per Year)Package Description
Access40+GHS 52GHS 572Take your viewing to the heart of Bollywood with DStv Indian ADD-ON
Family55+GHS 90GHS 990Get access to the best value and entertainment with over 80 mind-blowing channels
Indian15+GHS 145GHS 1,639Sensational programming that will keep the whole family entertained
Compact65+GHS 160GHS 1,760Make your home the place to be with great entertainment for all with DStv Compact
Compact Plus70+GHS 240GHS 2,640All the football, all the local entertainment—plus so much more on DStv Compact Plus
Premium90+GHS 390GHS 4,290The very best premium viewing experience with something for everyone

DStv Ghana Addon Packages Price List and Details

PackageNumber of ChannelsPrice(Price Month)Package Description
Great Wall Africa7GHS 32Get a collection of great Chinese channels – documentaries, lifestyle & news
French Touch5+GHS 59This bouquet can be added to your DStv package for a minimal monthly subscription.
French Plus10+GHS 206Take your viewing to the next level!

1. Access Package

DStv access is the least package plan on the list. DStv Access package gives you access to 40+ tv channels at a monthly cost of GHS52 and GHS 572 per year.

With DStv Access you get the very best in local TV series, movies, telenovelas, and a great selection of news, music, and kids channels

2. Family Package

DStv Ghana Packages - Price list, Channels 2021

Have quality time with the family on DStv Family package. DStv Family is purposely designed for the family at a cost of Ghs 90 per month and  GHS 990 for a year. The package offers the best combination of 55+ channels which include Universal channel, Sony Max, Africa Magic Movies and so much more.

3. Indian Package

DStv Indian gives different choices of prime Indian entertainment to suit viewers and Subscribers, this package stands on its own as an individual subscription but is a plus on an existing DStv premium package. DStv Indian offers over 15 channels at a cost of GHS 149 per month.

4. Compact Package   

With DStv Compact you get access to a wide variety of programs and entertainment at a cost of GHS 160 with over 65+ channels per month. This includes amazing channels like M-Net Action and M-Net Series, with Animal Planet and National Geographic channel providing you informative programming about the world.

5. Compact Plus

DStv Ghana Packages - Price list, Channels 2021

DStv Compact plus is one of the best DStv Ghana Packages with over 70 channels made for you at an affordable price of GHS 240 per month and GHS 2,640 annually.DStv Compact plus gives you a wide selection of entertainment channels to great sports on SuperSport channels including all the European soccer.

6. Premium Package 

Premium Package, the very best package to make your home the ultimate place to be.

DStv Premium combines the very best in entertainment from around the globe with groundbreaking technology to provide a truly premium viewing experience.

You will always have numerous channels to watch from, where you have the latest news, top documentaries, non-stop movies, series, kids’ programming and so much more. This is charged at a fee of GHS 390 per month and GHS 4,290 per annum.

NB: It is important to note that prices often change, meanwhile these are the current DStv rates in Ghana.

The Price Of DStv Decoder In Ghana 

DStv Ghana Packages - Price list, Channels 2021

There are four types of  DStv decoders. They are:

  1. HD zapper Decoder   – GHS 139
  2. HD zapper decoder + Dish kit + 1 Month Access  –  GHS 169
  3. Explora – GHS 499
  4. Explora + Dish kit + Install + Smart LNB – GHS  854

DStv Ghana Packages Channels List

Ghanaian Channels only on DStv

ChannelsIndianAccessFamilyCompactCompact PlusPremium
1ROK GH (164)
2TRACE Jama (333)

DStv Ghana – General Entertainment Channel List

ChannelsIndianAccessFamilyCompactCompact PlusPremium
1M-Net West HD (101)
21 Magic HD (103)
3M-Net City (115)
4VUZU (116)
5Universal TV (117)
6BBC Brit (120)
7Comedy Central (122)
8E! Entertainment (124)
9FOX (125)
10WWE Channel HD (128)
11BET (129)
12MTV (130)
13Lifetime Entertainment (131)
14CBS Reality (132)
15Akwaaba Magic (HD) (150)
16Africa Magic Urban (HD) (153)
17Maisha Magic Bongo (HD) (160)
18ROK GH (164)

DStv Ghana – Novellas

ChannelsIndianAccessFamilyCompactCompact PlusPremium
1TeleMundo (118)
2Timeless Dizi Channel (123)
3TLNovelas (133)
4Zee World (166)
5Star Life (167)

DStv Ghana – Movie Channels

ChannelsIndianAccessFamilyCompactCompact PlusPremium
1M-Net Movies 1 West HD (105)
2M-Net Movies 2 HD (106)
3M-Net Movies 3 HD (107)
4M-Net Movies 4 (108)
5Studio Universal HD (112)
6KIX HD (114)
7TNT Africa (137)
8Maisha Magic Movies (141)
9Africa Magic Epic (152)
10Africa Magic Epic (HD) (152)
11ROK (168)
12B4U Movies (451)

Documentary, Lifestyle & Education Channels

ChannelsIndianAccessFamilyCompactCompact PlusPremium
1Discovery Channel HD (121)
2Discovery TLC HD (135)
3Discovery Family HD (136)
4Real Time (155)
5CBS Justice (170)
6Discovery ID HD (171)
7HONEY (173)
8HONEY (HD) (173)
9BBC Lifestyle (174)
10Food Network (175)
11National Geographic Channel (181)
12NatGeo Wild (182)
13Curiosity Channel (185)
14The History Channel (186)

DStv Ghana – Sports Channels

ChannelsIndianAccessFamilyCompactCompact PlusPremium
1ESPN (218)
2ESPN 2 HD (219)
3SS Blitz Africa HD (220)
4SS Grandstand Africa HD (221)
5SS Football Plus Africa HD (222)
6SS Premier League Africa HD (223)
7SS LaLiga Africa HD (224)
8SS Football Africa (225)
9SS Variety 1 Africa HD (226)
10SS Variety 2 Africa HD (227)
11SS Variety 3 Africa HD (228)
12SS Variety 4 Africa (229)
13SS Action Africa HD (230)
14SS Rugby Africa (231)
15SS Cricket Africa (232)
16SS Golf Africa (233)
17SS Tennis Africa HD (234)
18SS Motorsport Africa HD (235)
19WWE Channel HD (236)