Electric Cooker Prices In Ghana

What Is Electric Cooker?

An Electric Cooker Is an electric powered cooking device for heating and cooking of food. An electric cooker often has four stoves and one or two ovens. There will be knobs to determine the temperature of the ovens and stoves. Unlike gas stoves that are powered by gas, it is powered by electricity.

How Does Electric Cooker Work?

Unlike gas stoves, electric stove tops don’t produce a flame. Instead, an electric current causes a heating element to activate. If your stove has coils, the heat transfers directly from these coils to your cookware.

What Is Special About Electric Cooker?

Electric stove or induction stove is an electrical device is used for cooking. It is a replacement for your old school solid-fuel stoves and is far more efficient, safe and convenient.
It is now becoming very popular to use electric stove rather than gas stoves as they are operated by just a rotary switch and do the same work as your traditional gas stove would do, but with lesser time.

Why Is It Better With Electric Cooker?
Electric stoves are more convenient and safer than gas stoves as they work through electricity and hence, there is no fear of any gas leakages or open flames. They also save ample time and are also easy to use for beginners and professionals.

•    The cooktops can reach extremely high temperatures which can be pretty harmful
•    Towels, cloths or curtains should not be anywhere near your electric stove
•    Take extra precautions when it comes to you and try not lean over heated elements.
•    Ensure the top switch is turned off when not in use

What To Use To Cook On Electric Cooker:
Smooth cook tops are the best type of cookware to use on electric stoves while flat bottom cookware is also ideal. Copper, stainless steel and cast iron are the best materials to keep in mind while shopping for your pots and pans. However, woks or round metal vessels are not recommended for electric stoves because of their shape.

Is Cooking With Electric Cooker Safe?

We do know that, overall, electric stoves directly generate lower levels of airborne contaminants. This reduces a potential exposure hazard and associated health risk. If you’re replacing your stove/oven anyway, electric is likely a better choice both for better indoor air quality and the general environment.

Benefits Of An Electric Cooker:

Electric heats more efficiently than gas does, meaning the kitchen will stay cooler when the stove is on. These stoves also offer more consistency in temperature, and thus in cooking. Cleaning an electric stove is incredibly simple, since there’s one uniform surface to wipe down.

Electric Cooker Prices In Ghana:

Volcano Electric cooker with grill – GHC 1000.00

General Electric Cooker – GHC 1,350.00

Crownstar Electric Cooker Double 1000W GHC 200.00

LG Electric Cooker 60×60 Silver Freestanding burner with Oven – GHC2,999

Midea electric cooker – GHC 3,500.00