How To Contact Sportybet In Ghana

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SportyBet is a glocalized sports betting platform, in the sense that we operate in multiple locations across the world.

Sportybet Ghana office Are you in need of the Sportybet Ghana contact?

Well, there are instances that you would want to get in touch with them for different reasons.

Use the following contact details:

Head office:

Their office is in Accra.

Phone number:

Sportybet Ghana contact number is 1800 138 238.

How do I register my SportyBet in Ghana?

To register for a SportyBet Ghana account please visit and click on the “Register” button at the top-right corner of the Home page. Fill in the form with your phone number and password to create an account, or log in with Facebook (in selected countries) and follow the registration process.

How can I change my SportyBet number?

How To Change My Sportybet Account Number & Phone Number.

To update your personal details on Sportybet, login into your account, go to “My Account(Me)” drop-down menu and select “My Account(Me) Info”. You can then change your profile as desired.

How do I verify my account details on Sportybet?

If you are a new user, update the app and confirm your account details. Before depositing, you will be redirected to the account confirmation screen.

Check the details and hit Confirm. After the confirmation is done, the deposit transaction will be successfully submitted and will be credited to your SportyBet wallet.