Haojin Tricycle Prices In Ghana

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What Is Haojin Tricycle?

Tricycles as most people around the globe know is a special type of motorcycle with three tyres or wheels. Tricycle also called Trike comes in many forms; we have tricycles for children, a tricycle that is called Pragya in Ghana here and Aboboya which is another type of tricycle in Ghana.

Haojin Tricycle has been a major brand when it comes to motorcycles in the country for so long. They have different kinds of tricycles to choose from on the markets.

Some of Haojin Tricycle models are; HJ 150 ZH -Dry engines with helping gears, HJ 200 ZH – A water-cooled engines, HJ 200 ZH – A Dry engine with helping gears, HJ 175 ZH – Dry engines with helping gears, HJ 150 ZH – Dry engines (no helping gears), HJ 150 ZK, HJ 150 ZH – 20, and HJ 150 ZH – 175.

Tricycles or Aboboyaa has been in high demand in Ghana because of how useful it is. It has helped many people in the country especially market women and people in rural areas. Farmers are also benefiting from this vehicle a lot.

Haojin Tricycle Prices In Ghana:

The estimated price of an Haojin tricycle is around the prices of GH¢ 7,500.00 to GH¢17,500.00..!! The price may be determined based on the model, the store you will buy from and the condition of the motorcycle.