Cooler Prices In Ghana

What Is Cooler?

Air cooling is a method of dissipating heat. It works by expanding the surface area or increasing the flow of air over the object to be cooled, or both. An example of the former is to add cooling fins to the surface of the object, either by making them integral or by attaching them tightly to the object’s surface.

What Is Air Cooler Used For?

Quality of air – Air coolers circulate fresh air as they pull hot air from outside and then cool it down. In addition, the circulated air is filtered, moist and easy to breathe and it also keeps your skin hydrated. On the other hand, ACs circulate the same stale air present inside the room.

Is Air Cooler Same As Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. Also, air cooler doesn’t make the air overly dry like an air conditioner.

Can An Air Cooler Cool A Room?

Unlike air con units, air coolers don’t have an exhaust so you don’t need to put them right by a window. However, you might find they perform better if you do! Putting them near an open door or window helps it circulate that cool airflow around the room. This is good when you want to keep a whole room cool.

Can We Put Ice Cubes In Air Cooler?

Another effective way of increasing the cooling efficiency is by adding ice to the water in the tank. Many people have already tried it with their coolers. In fact, some coolers also come with dedicated ice compartments. Adding ice to the water makes the pads cooler, resulting in cool air passing through them.

Can I Use Air Cooler Without Water?

You should only run the pump for as long as the reservoir is full of water. The pump will overheat and eventually burn out if it runs without water. Most evaporative coolers may run the fan without water, if you run only the fan without water, it is only for purpose of recirculating air, not cooling.

How Many Hours We Can Use Air Cooler?

We advise that you refill your personal cooler after it operates for an approximate period of 4 to 6 hours.

Is Air Cooler Good For Health?

“Cooling systems such as air-conditioners and coolers lead to artificial change in the temperature which is unhealthy for human immune system. Direct exposure to the air-coolers should be avoided as it affects the natural defense mechanism of the body”.

Does Air Cooler Use More Electricity?

Air coolers consume 35% more electricity than a table fan or ceiling fan. The reason being the additional motor running in the air cooler. Air cooler uses additional water motor to circulate the water. This water makes the cooling pads wet and when the air passes through the cooling pads it gets cooled down.

Does Air Cooler Make Noise?

While this process uses less energy than air conditioning, it’s still fairly loud. If nothing else, the machine’s motor creates noise when it runs. Sound is a common waste product of any mechanical device, so this is completely normal.

Why Is My Air Cooler Not Cold?

Air is not cool: If your cooler is not blowing cold air, it is likely due to the water system. If the pads are not sufficiently soaked, it is impossible for the cooler to create cold air. Check the pads to see if they still retain water, and if they are new or functioning properly, move on the water pump.

Where Should I Place My Air Cooler?

Place your air-cooler in front of the window. Placing air-coolers on uneven platforms, dragging them while they are on, and interfering with the rotary blades can be hazardous and can also cause them to wear out quickly. It is always better to handle them with care to enjoy cooling in the long run.

How Much Temperature Can Air Cooler Reduce?

They can reduce the temperature in a single room by 5° to 15°F. Small, portable evaporative coolers on wheels are now available as well.

Who Should Not Use Air Cooler?

Increase in the humidity is much favorable conditions to increase bacteria, viruses, mold in the water. Because of this reason Asthma patients should be very careful about the usage of air cooler. If the air cooler usage triggers asthma attack it is better not to use the air cooler.


  • Cooler and healthier air
  • No installation needed
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Can be used in open areas
  • Compact and portable

Air Cooler Prices In Ghana:

Brand New Italian Air Cooler
GH₵ 580
Air Cooler
GH₵ 850
Awesome Midea 50ltrs Air Cooler (Ac200-17jr)
GH₵ 1,149
GH₵ 1,400