Outsourcing Services in Ghana

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Outsourcing is the practice of passing individual tasks, subareas, or business processes over to a third-party and thereby receiving the results from outside of your own company. Services that your company was responsible for fulfilling will now be provided by a specialized service provider.

Outsourcing Services in Ghana

Business Process Outsourcing, Phone: 026 319 5487

JobHouse HR Outsourcing Company (Ghana), Phone: 024 675 0787

PHIJOEKI SERVICES LTD, Phone: 026 628 4647

Integrated Corporate Services, Phone: 031 229 7966

Kobb outsourcing & recruitment Agency, Phone: 030 296 4075

What are examples of outsourcing?

Outsourcing examples include:


Customer service.

Business development and sales.

Marketing and advertising.

Accounts receivable collections.

What are the three types of outsourcing?

There are many different types of outsourcing including offshore staffing, onshoring, and project outsourcing.

What are the two types of outsourcing?

Professional outsourcing.

IT outsourcing.

Manufacturing outsourcing.

Project outsourcing.

Process outsourcing.

Operational outsourcing.

Is outsourcing a good idea?

It improves efficiency, cuts costs, speeds up product development, and allows companies to focus on their “ core competencies”. To many people, outsourcing is a frightening proposition.

What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of contracting a specific work process or processes to an external service provider.

The services can include payroll, accounting, telemarketing, data recording, social media marketing, customer support, and more.