metal grinder job

Who is a metal grinder and what do they do? The metal grinder’s work involves grinding metal using machinery.

What are the activities of the metal grinder job? Activities include adjusting and attending to grinding machines in metal part machining, grinding of surfaces and various shapes, e.g. pivots, shafts, rings, cones, holes, balls, threads and gears, sharpening of knives, tools, rings, drills, cutters, reamers, reamer drills, screw-cutters, bolt cutters push/pull broaches on grinders and sharpening machines, grinding of gauges, finishing works on high-precision parts by lapping, honing, superfinishing and shaving.

Where is it done and under what conditions? This work is typically carried out in the metalworking shops of manufacturing works or smaller plants and servicing units, where the work environment will naturally include such unpleasant aspects as noise and dust.

What tools/equipment do they use? Among the most commonly used tools and equipment in this case are plain grinders, flat-surface grinders and other grinding machines, incl. numerically controlled grinders, gauges, dividers, some hand tools and instruments. Above all, you need manual dexterity. Metals are the materials usually processed.

What do you need to succeed? Basic qualifications for this job involve a skilled craft level of education, technical imagination, overall fitness and ability to react quickly.