Postal Security Services in Ghana

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Postal Security Services is an office or station of a government postal system at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is dispatched and distributed, and at which stamps are sold or other services rendered. 2. (often caps.) the department of a government charged with the transportation of mail.

Postal Security Services in Ghana

G7 Security Systems Ltd, Phone: 030 242 0270

Accra General Post Office, Phone: 030 266 8138

Accra North Post Office, Phone: 030 266 8619


Guo Security services Ltd Headquarters, Phone: 026 236 7373

Black Hawk Services Ltd, Accra, Phone: 030 295 9708

Westec Security, Phone: 030 224 8844

UT Private Security Services Limited, Phone: 030 281 6761

Postal And Courier Services Regulatory Commission, Phone: 030 277 0468

Inter-Con Security Systems, Phone: 024 369 0011

Paradigm Security Services, Address: Titus Glover Street, Accra

Dansoman Post Office, Phone: 030 266 8138

Goldmaxx Security, Phone: 030 397 5843

Escort Security, Phone: 054 010 9145

PIS GHANA, Phone: 050 132 1550

Do USPIS agents carry guns?

Our Postal Inspectors are federal law enforcement officers who carry firearms, make arrests, execute federal search warrants, and serve subpoenas.

Can postal police carry off duty?

Currently, Postal Police Officers (PPO) are NOT allowed to carry a firearm offduty on USPS property due to an administrative decision within the USPS and USPIS.

Federal and state statutes authorize Postal Police Officers to carry offduty.