Louvre Blades Prices In Ghana

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What Is Louvre Blades?

Louvre Blades Are essentially thin, flat strips of wood or metal that are positioned at regular intervals in a screen or shutter. Their position is fixed, open or operable (moving) to allow light or air to pass through the louvre blades. They’re most commonly used for interior or exterior shade control and ventilation.

What Materials Are Used For Louvers Blades?

Construction. Modern louvers are often made of aluminum, metal, wood, or glass. They may be opened and closed with a metal lever, pulleys, or through motorized operators.

How Thick Is A Louver?

Louvers shall be 1-1/2-inches (38.1 mm) deep and assembled entire- ly from aluminum components. Blades shall be 0.050-inch (1.27 mm) thick aluminum and frames shall be 0.063-inch (1.6 mm) thick aluminum.

How Does Louver Blades Work?

A louver is a ventilation product that allows air to pass through it while keeping out unwanted elements such as water, dirt, and debris. A number of fixed or operable blades mounted in a frame can provide this functionality.

Why Do You Need A Louver?

Louvers are used in buildings wherever there is a need for creating resistance to rainwater, excessive noise, hurricane-type winds, or a combination of these problems – while also ensuring proper airflow.

How Do I Choose A Louver Size?

As a general rule, larger louvers work better with larger windows. The opposite is true. Large louvers can dominate small windows. As such, for windows that are not taller than 36”, or any window that would be considered “smaller”, we would recommend a shutter with 2 ½” louvers.

Louvre Blades Prices In Ghana:

The cost of Louvre blades in Ghana is between an amount of GH₵ 110.00 to GH₵ 327.70…!!!