graphic designer

Who is a graphic designer and what do they do? The job of a graphic designer is to produce, according to clients’ requirements, graphic designs for a wide range of uses by various graphic techniques, including computer graphics.

What are the activities of the graphic designer? Activities include – dealing with clients interested in particular graphic designs, finding out what the clients want, discussion on preliminary ideas and proposals (in the case of an advertisement you also need to know something about the products and services to be promoted, as well as the commercial objectives) – producing graphic designs for books and magazines, (or just their covers), posters, billboards, leaflets, invitations, calendars, company logos, printed advertising materials as well as individual advertisements in newspapers, periodicals, and catalogues, advertising posters and eye-catchers – graphic designs for covers made of paper, plastic and other materials for various types of products, covers of CDs and video cassettes – graphic designs for computer programs – graphic parts of films, video-clips, TV serials and programmes – designs for stage or films or a theatre performance,- cartoon animation, following the creative intentions of film directors and visual artists. A graphic designer can also produce his/her own graphic art work.

Where is it done and under what conditions? The job is usually done in a graphic design studio or other room – where the working environment is usually quite good, except for contact with paints and, hence, with certain chemicals.

What tools/equipment do they use? Working tools include various painting techniques, computer software and computer aided design tools.