Icona Fridge Prices In Ghana

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What Is Icona Fridge?

Founded in 2010 in Turin, Italy, Icona Design Group was born as a style company specialising in automotive design. Over time Icona has expanded its specialisations, imagining innovative products, revolutionary industrial design projects and new concepts for the life and mobility of the future.

Icona fridges are products of the London based Icona Company. Icona aims to focus on developing high-quality products based on natural ingredients & thereby touching lives, naturally. Icona believes in constantly enhancing the quality of its products to match the needs and wants of every individual.

Icona fridges are built with energy-saving compressors to ensure efficiency. Super micro-hole foaming layer technology in Icona fridges ensures you get nothing but first-class insulation.

Icona London fridges have optimal door seal design for better coldness storage and anti-bacterial inner for the prevention of bacteria growth.

Specifications Of Icona Fridges: 

Below are some of the features common in almost all Icona fridges.

  • Energy Saving Compressor With Efficiency.
  • Super Micro-Hole Foaming Layer, First Class Insulation Technology.
  • Optimal Door Seal Design for Better Coldness Storage
  • Anti-Bacterial Inner for The Prevention of Bacteria Growth.
  • Glass door of good quality in elegant design.
  • Icona London fridges come in 3 main colours White, Stainless steel and Glass body.

Icona Fridge Prices In Ghana:

Icona London Fridge Model Price 
132L Icona London FridgeGHC 1,329.00 to GHC 1,399.00
165L Icona London FridgeGHC 1,699.00
209L Icona London FridgeGHC 1,979.00
270L Icona London FridgeGHC 2,139.00
328L Icona London FridgeGHC 2,529.00
398L Icona London FridgeGHC 2,669.00
402L Double French Door Icona FridgeGHC 4,349.00
485L Double French Door Icona FridgeGHC 4,539.00