Bsc Actuarial University of Cape Coast

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Bsc Actuarial University of Cape Coast

Programme B.Sc. (Actuarial Science)

Select Department: Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

Select Faculty/School: School of Physical Sciences

Cut off point : 08

In response to the changing needs of society and those of the entire Ghanaian education enterprise, the University of Cape Coast has, over the last several years, progressively added to its traditional functions, the training of educational planners, administrators, agriculturalists, actuarial scientists, optometrists, information technologists, biochemists, environmentalists, laboratory technologists and experts in commerce, management, tourism, population and family life education, water and sanitation, molecular biology, biotechnology, computer science and livestock system managers.

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must obtain :

  • (a) passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and
    Integrated Science or Social Studies;
    (b) passes in Elective Mathematics and any two of
    the following elective subjects: Physics,
    Chemistry, Economics, Business Management,
    Principles of Costing and Accounting; and
    (c) an overall aggregate of 36 or better in three core
    and three elective subjects.

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