registrar job

Who is a registrar and what do they do?. A registrar keeps the register of births, deaths and marriages, issues the necessary certificates, and officiates at civil marriage ceremonies. A registrar may find job opportunities in the civil service, but mostly s/he works at the relevant department of the local or regional state administration or the local authority.

What are the activities of the registrar job? Keeping the register of births, deaths and marriages according to special regulations, issuing extracts from the registers to be used both at home and abroad (e.g. the birth certificate, the marriage certificate, the death certificate), performance of tasks relating to the solemnization of marriage based on documents submitted by the engaged couple, preparation for carrying out the wedding ceremony, participation in the wedding ceremony, accepting the joint consensual declaration of paternity made by a child’s parents and making the relevant entry in the register, accepting the joint declaration of parents on the agreement on the choice of citizenship for a child, in accordance with the valid international agreements and accords, permitting the solemnization of marriage at a different place than at the place of permanent residence, reviewing requests for a waiver of the submission of documents required for the solemnization of marriage, if these are hard to obtain, accepting of the joint consensual declaration of paternity made by the parents of a child born outside marriage, decision-making in matters, relating to permission for a change of the first name or a surname.

In different countries these activities may vary somewhat according to the national laws and regulations.

Where is it done and under what conditions? In the registrar’s office, a reasonably comfortable working environment.

What tools/equipment do they use? Computers and a photocopier, official documentation and writing tools.