mining finisher job

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Who is a mining finisher and what do they do? The mining finisher’s work consists of the treatment of coal, ores and other raw materials.

What are the activities of the mining finisher job? Activities consist of controlling and attending to various processes of coal, ore and other material treatment, the maintenance and adjustment of treatment mechanisms and equipment, control, maintenance and adjustment of equipment in water and sludge management systems, remote control of complex process units, control of decontamination plants for radioactive wastewater treatment in uranium mines, remote control of coal/ore treatment plants.

Where is it done and under what conditions? This job is done in ore/coal processing plants where the work environment can be fairly unpleasant involving, for example, a good deal of noise and dust.

What tools/equipment do they use?
The work is usually done using various mechanical equipment (e.g. crushing and screening plants, mills, presses, concentrating machines, furnaces, drying ovens, conveyors) as well as craft hand tools and instruments. Processed materials are coal, iron ore and other minerals.

What do you need to succeed? Basic qualifications for this job are education to skilled worker-level, manual dexterity, overall fitness and ability to react quickly.