Where to buy V tight gel in Ghana

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vaginal tightening gels, such as V Tight Gel, contain ingredients that allegedly create an astringent effect on the vaginameaning they tighten up the tissue of the vaginal wall and vulva.

Where to buy V tight gel in Ghana

Get Pills Ghana, Phone: 050 050 4193

Peggy’s hub, Phone: 020 082 6622

Walmart, Address: Bank Walmart 00233, Accra

Rhabena Beauty Empire, Phone: 024 490 9141

Beebe line cosmetics, Phone: 055 431 4616

Game Kumasi, Phone: 032 208 6222

What does V Tight Gel do?

Vtight gel is a natural vagina tightening gel that simply works. This gel helps women reverse the loss of their vagina elasticity, which can become loose after childbirth, through aging or hormonal changes.

There are other ways out there that you can use to tighten the vagina but they are invasive and are high risk.

Does v tight gel really work?

Applying a topical gel or cream doesn’t tone muscle. It’ll give a temporary constriction to superficial tissue.

But not the tightening you’re looking

for. So, VGel may or may not give you a quick tissue tightness but even if that, it’s temporary and won’t have a real impact on your pleasure or that of your partner.

How do you use V firm gel?

Direction for usage: Wipe the vaginal orifice to make it dry and take ½ to 1 Finger Tip Units and apply in and around the vaginal orifice with a gentle massage.

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