NLA Registration In Ghana

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How do I register my phone with NLA?

Pick up your mobile phone.

Dial *959#

Select option 1 (the current game)

Select which way you want to stake your numbers.

Select the number(s) you are predicting.

Enter the amount you want to play.

Enter 1 to confirm.

How do you stake an NLA banker?

If you wait for a while and you don’t receive the confirmation, you can dial *170# and select option 6 (My Wallet). From there, select option 3 (My Approvals) and confirm the payment to stake your numbers.

Can I stake Lotto online in Ghana?

Now you can stake lotto at the comfort of your home without the need to visit any lotto agent, in this article we went through how the lottery in Ghana started and how to stake lotto and pay with your mobile money using your phone.

How the NLA machine works

The weight and size of the balls are carefully measured or calibrated to make sure that all are equal.

The balls are released into the lottery machine, allowing jets of air to blow the balls up through the chamber for mixing.

How do you play NLA Super 6?

With Super 6, there are more ways to play and more chances to win. Super 6 has the concept of Pick 6 and Pick 1-Pick 5. With Pick 6, players are expected to select any 6 non-repeatable numbers from 1 to 55 as a bet whereas with Pick 1-Pick 5, players can select any 1-5 numbers as a bet.