Kia Picanto Prices In Ghana

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What Is Kia Picanto?

The Kia Picanto is a city car that has been produced by the South Korean car manufacturer, Kia, since 2003.

What Does A Kia Picanto Have?

About the Picanto

It uses Unleaded Petrol fuel. The Kia Picanto is sold with engines that range in size from 1.0L to 1.2L and from four-cylinders to turbocharged three-cylinders.



Kia Picanto S Details
Fuel tank capacity35L
Fuel consumption (combined average)5.8L / 100km
Fuel consumption city (average)7.9L / 100km

Is Kia Picanto Very Small?

The third-generation Picanto is the smallest car for sale in UK Kia dealers. It’s a strong contender in the city car class, thanks to impressive interior dimensions for its size, a competitive price list and low insurance and everyday running costs.

Is Kia Picanto A Good Buy?

The Kia Picanto is an excellent first car. Its small size and light controls make it considerably easier to drive than most crossovers, SUVs and sedans. The low running costs also mean that it’s friendlier to student and young professionals who are just getting started out.

Is Kia Picanto Good For Long Journey?

It’s easy to get comfortable behind the wheel and the driving controls are all sensibly laid out – the Picanto is perfect as a first car for those building up their hours on the road or for someone who just wants to jump in and go.

Is Kia Picanto A Reliable Car?

Kia Picanto reliability

Kia as a brand also made a very impressive account of itself, coming in third place behind Tesla and Porsche in our 2022 Driver Power survey according to owners. It was high in the top 10 across every category, impressing with the quality of its cars for the price.

How Far Can Kia Picanto Go On a Full Tank?


Power83 bhp
Torque122 Nm, 90 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions128 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard6
Miles Per Tank415 miles

How long Does A Kia Picanto Last?

100,000 miles

The Picanto, like every Kia, is covered for 100,000 miles or seven years and that stays with the car if it’s sold on.

Kia Picanto Prices In Ghana:

Depending on where and whom you’re buying from, you should be able to get the brand new version of the latest models of Kia Picanto between GH¢74,000.00 – GH¢100,000.00…!!!