List Of Courses Offered At UCC

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B.A Anthropology (Regular)

B.A Classics and Philosophy (Regular)

B.A Communication Studies ( Regular)

B.A Dance ( Regular)

B.A Economics ( Regular)

B.A English ( Regular)

B.A Film Studies ( Regular)

B.A French ( Regular

B.A History ( Regular)

B.A Population and Health ( Regular)

B.A Social Behavior and Conflict Management ( Sandwich)

B.A Social Sciences (Geography) ( Regular)

B.A Sociology ( Regular)

B.A Theater Studies ( Regular)

B.Com Accounting ( Regular)

B.Com Finance ( Regular)

B.Com Human Resource Management ( Regular)

B.Com Management ( Regular)

B.Com Management ( Sandwich)

B.Ed Accounting ( Regular)

B.Ed Management ( Regular)

B.Mus Music ( Regular)

B.Mus Religion and Human Values ( Regular)

B.Sc Geography And Regional Planning ( Regular)

B.Sc Hospitality Management ( Regular)

B.Sc Tourism Management ( Regular)

B.Ed Health, Physical Education and Recreation ( Regular)

B.Ed Arts ( Regular)

B.Ed Basic Education ( Regular)

B.Ed Computer Science ( Regular)

B.Ed Early Childhood Education ( Regular)

B.Ed Early Childhood Education ( Sandwich)

B.Ed Guidance and Counselling ( Regular)

B.Ed Home Economics ( Regular)

B.Ed Mathematics (Regular)

B.Ed Science ( Regular)

B.Ed Social Science (Regular)

B.Ed Social Studies (Regular)

B.Sc Psychology (Regular)

B.Sc Bachelor of Education (Regular)

B.Sc Entomology and Wildlife (Regular)

B.Sc Agribusiness (Regular)

B.Sc Actuarial Science ( Regular)

B.Sc Agricultural Extension (Regular)

B.Sc Agricultural Extension And Community Development ( Regular)

B.Sc Agriculture (Regular)

B.Sc Agro-Processing ( Regular)

B.Sc Aquaculture (Regular)

B.Sc Biochemistry (Regular)

B.Sc Chemistry ( Regular)

B.Sc Computer Science ( Regular)

B.Sc Engineering Physics (Regular)

B.Sc Engineering Physics (Sandwich)

B.Sc Environmental Science (Regular)

B.Sc Fisheries and Aquatic Science (Regular)

B.Sc Industrial Chemistry (Regular)

B.Sc Information Technology (Regular)

B.Sc Laboratory Technology (Regular)

B.Sc Laboratory Technology (Sandwich)

B.Sc Mathematics (Regular)

B.Sc Mathematics-with-Business (Regular)

B.Sc Mathematics-with-Economics (Regular)

B.Sc Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (Regular)

B.Sc Physics (Regular)

B.Sc Statistics (Regular)

B.Sc Community Mental Health Nursing (Regular)

B.Sc Mental Health Nursing (Regular)

B.Sc Nursing (Regular)

Cert. Early Childhood Education ( Sandwich)

Dip. Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)

PGD Basic Education (Regular)

Dip. Social Behaviour and Conflict Management (Sandwich)

M.A Religion and Human Values (Sandwich)

M.A Classics (Regular)

M.A Communication in Oil and Gas Management (Sandwich)

M.A English Language (Sandwich)

M.A Geography and Regional Planning ( Regular)

M.A History (Regular)

M.A Literature-in-English (Sandwich)

M.A Philosophy

M.A Sociology

M.A Sociology of Peace and Security

MBA Accounting

MBA Entrepreneurship And Small Enterprise Development

MBA General Management

MBA Human Resource Management

MBA Oil and Gas Management

M.Com Entrepreneurship And Small Enterprise Development

M.Com Accounting

M.Com Human Resource Management

M.Phil African Literature and Civilization

M.Phil Classics

M.Phil Communication in Oil and Gas Management

M.Phil Economics

M.Phil English

M.Phil Ethnomusicology

M.Phil Geography and Regional Planning

M.Phil History

M.Phil Hospitality Management

M.Phil Linguistics and Didactics in French

M.Phil Philosophy

M.Phil Population and Health

M.Phil Sociology

M.Phil Tourism Managemen

M.Sc Economics

M.Sc Microfinance

M.Sc Oil and Gas Resource Management

M.Sc Public Policy Management

M.A Health Education

M.A Measurement and Evaluation

M.A Measurement and Evaluation

M.Ed Educational Psycholog

M.Ed Information Technology

M.Ed Mathematics Education

M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation

M.Ed Physical Education

M.Phil Basic Education

M.Phil Clinical Health Psychology

M.Phil Educational Psychology

M.Phil Guidance and Counselling

M.Phil Mathematics Education

M.Phil Measurement and Evaluation

M.Phil Physical Education

M.Phil Rehabilitation

M.Phil Science Education

M.Phil Sociology of Education

M.Phil Special Education

M.Phil Student Affairs and Service

M.Sc Science Education

M.Phil Agricultural Economics

M.Phil Agricultural Extension

M.Phil Animal Science

M.Phil Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics)

M.Phil Animal Science (Animal Nutrition)

M.Phil Animal Science (Management of Livestock Enterprises)

M.Phil Animal Science (Meat Science and Technology)

M.Phil Aquaculture

M.Phil Chemistry

M.Phil Crop Science

M.Phil Environmental Science

M.Phil Fisheries Science

M.Phil Integrated Coastal Zone Management

M.Phil Irrigation Technology

M.Phil Land Use And Environmental Science

M.Phil Mathematics

M.Phil Mechanisation

M.Phil Non-Governmental Studies and Community Development

M.Phil Oceanography and Limnology

M.Phil Pasture and Range Management

M.Phil Physics

M.Phil Seed Science and Technology

M.Phil Statistics

M.Phil Wildlife Management

M.Sc Chemistry

M.Sc Entomology

M.Sc Mathematics

M.Sc Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Studies and Management`

M.Phil Master of Nursing

M.Sc Advanced Practice Nursing

Bsc Medicine & Bsc Surgery

Ph.D Animal Science (Meat Science and Technology)

Ph.D Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Ph.D Agricultural Economics

Ph.D Animal Science

Ph.D Agricultural Extension

Ph.D Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics)

Ph.D Animal Science (Management of Livestock Enterprises)

Ph.D Animal Science (Pasture and Range Management)

Ph.D Aquacultur

Ph.D Chemistry

Ph.D Crop Science

Ph.D Entomology

Ph.D Fisheries Science

Ph.D Land Use And Environmental Science

Ph.D Mathematics

Ph.D Non Governmental Studies and Community Development

Ph.D Oceanography and Limnology

Ph.D Physics

Ph.D Soil Science

Ph.D Statistics

Ph.D Wildlife Management

Ph.D Economi

Ph.D Geography And Regional Planning

Ph.D History

Ph.D Hospitality Management

Ph.D Population and Health

Ph.D Religion and Human Values

Ph.D Sociology

Ph.D Tourism Management

Ph.D Guidance and Counselling

Ph.D Health Promotion

Ph.D Mathematics Education

Ph.D Measurement and Evaluation

Ph.D Physical Education

Ph.D Science Education

Ph.D Special Education