[2022] Top 9 Actuarial Science Universities In Ghana

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Actuarial Science Universities In Ghana.

What is Actuarial Science?

Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through intense education and experience. In many countries, actuaries must demonstrate their competence by passing a series of thorough professional examinations.

Actuarial science includes a number of interrelated subjects, including probability, mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, financial economics, and computer programming. Historically, actuarial science used deterministic models in the construction of tables and premiums. The science has gone through revolutionary changes during the last 30 years due to the proliferation of high speed computers and the union of stochastic actuarial models with modern financial theory

Why Actuarial Science ?

Most actuaries love being an actuary because it allows them to use their talents and have a meaningful positive impact. As one actuary put it: “I like to think that I’m helping people. I’m helping them get good health care, I’m helping them protect themselves in old age. I’m creating economic growth.” But there are so many other great reasons to consider a career as an actuary:

  • Top-Ranked. Actuary has consistently been rated one of the top jobs.
  • Head start. Actuaries earn great starting salaries that can double within the first five years.
  • Job security. Actuaries enjoy certainty in uncertain times. We’re always in demand as the world confronts risk.
  • Impressive impact. Actuaries participate in high-level business decision-making and solve real problems in every industry.
  • Life in balance. More than a fulfilling career, being an actuary allows you to maintain a low-stress, highly sought-after work/life balance.

Where An Actuary Work In Ghana ?

Anywhere risk is present.

The insurance industry can’t function without actuaries. We calculate their costs and determine the premiums for policyholders; and while we don’t forecast the weather, we can tell them how much they can expect to pay in claims after the next Florida hurricane.

Private corporations rely on our risk evaluation to frame their strategic management decisions. And because our judgment is highly valued, our career paths often lead to upper management and executive positions.

We’re also employed as consultants. Whether we’re part of a nationwide firm or an independent one-person practice, we help companies design pension and benefit plans, evaluate assets and liabilities, and stare down risk–all alongside top executives.

We work for the government too, helping manage its programs and overseeing public companies to ensure compliance with regulatory laws.

We also work for:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Banks and investment firms
  • Public accounting firms
  • Labor unions
  • Rating bureaus
  • Fraternal organizations

What are the Actuarial Science Universities In Ghana ?

Below are the actuarial Science universities in Ghana ;

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Actuarial Science In University Of Ghana

Bsc Actuarial University of Cape Coast

Bsc Actuarial Science University for Development Studies

Bsc Actuarial Science Catholic University College of Ghana

BSc Administration (Insurance with Actuarial) Pentecost University College

Bsc Actuarial Science Methodist University College

Bsc Actuarial Science Presbyterian University College Of Ghana

Bsc Actuarial Science University Of Energy And Natural Resource

How many actuaries are in Ghana?

There are only seven professionally qualified actuaries residing in Ghana, some of whom are now on retirement and some others hold bachelor’s to master’s degrees or are partly qualified actuaries.

Is an actuary a stressful job?

Typically, no. Actuaries typically work rather normal hours. It is extremely rare an actuary will work more than fifty hours consistently.

What are the subjects of actuarial science?

Actuarial science includes a number of interrelated subjects, including mathematics, probability theory, statistics, finance, economics, and computer science. Historically, actuarial science used deterministic models in the construction of tables and premiums.

Is Actuarial Science hard?

Majoring in actuarial science is challenging. On a scale from 1-10 (1 being the easiest).

Are Actuaries smart?

Actuaries are seriously smart. Actuaries go through rigorous undergraduate training and while they can be employed immediately, they must undergo an additional 5 to 10 years of training and complete 7-9 exams to achieve full actuarial status, called fellowship.

What happens if you fail an actuarial exam?

You just have to wait until the next exam sitting. Exam P and FM (the first two exams) are offered every 2 month so that’s the most you’d have to wait to rewrite one of those exams. That means if you fail, you have another 2 months to get better prepared and hopefully you can pass the next time!

How do actuaries calculate risk?

Actuaries use various types of prediction models to estimate risk levels. These prediction models are based on assumptions that aim to reflect real life, which is vital for the pricing of all types of insurance.

How can I pass the actuarial exam?

Taking advantage of available study materials like study manuals and practice exams is key to passing your exams.

How many questions are on the actuarial exam P?

There are 30 questions on Exam P and there’s is a 3 hour time limit, which means that you should answer each question in 6 minutes or less.

What is an actuarial factor?

A Participant’s Actuarial Factor is the factor that the Plan Administrator establishes based on the interest rate and mortality table the Employer elects in its Adoption Agreement.

How long should I study for actuary exams?

4 months The number of hours you need to study depends on the process you use to prepare and how familiar you already are with the exam topics. For most people, 3 – 4 months is appropriate but if you’re very busy you may need longer

What is the actuarial value of a pension?

An actuarial valuation is a type of appraisal of a pension fund’s assets versus liabilities, using investment, economic, and demographic assumptions for the model to determine the funded status of a pension plan.

Do actuaries work long hours?

Actuaries tend to have desk jobs and work within a professional office environment. They often work at least 40 hours a week.

How many actuary exams are there?

These societies administer a series of six actuarial science exams that typically take four to six years to complete for associate status, and a series of three exams that take another two to three years to achieve fellowship level.

How much do actuaries earn Ghana?

Salaries for specific jobs

Actuarial Analyst6,260 GHS
Actuary6,310 GHS
Adjustment Insurance Clerk1,770 GHS
Assistant Broker3,230 GHS
Assistant Claims Manager5,100 GHS