pricing officer job

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Who is a pricing officer and what do they do? The task of a pricing officer is to ensure the development of price proposals and quotations pertaining to products or services of an organisation based on the market situation, the organisation’s strategic goals and cost calculation.

What are the activities of the pricing officer job? Work activities include – analysing market conditions, monitoring price developments, comparing them with the goals and possibilities of the organisation – elaborating price goals based on the organisation’s business strategy – analysing the development of calculated costs – making price proposals and price offers for each product and service – discussing price proposals with customers – evaluating the behaviour and reactions of customers to proposed and actual prices – making changes based on the situation on the market, on the basis of changes in the goals of the organisation, and on the basis of changes in costs – elaborating a pricing methodology and updating price information and documents – processing intra-company prices and price-lists of tasks, materials, semi-finished products, discarded materials and other objects, and of labour – co-operating with other sections of the organisation, especially with the marketing and economic departments.

Where is it done and under what conditions? The work is done in offices or similar fairly comfortable environments.

What tools/equipment do the pricing officer use? The work is carried out using mainly computer technology and regular office equipment.

What do you need to succeed? To succeed at this job you need a university, higher specialist or completed secondary education with a school-leaving certificate, economic or technical knowledge, ability to work systematically, arithmetical skills, precision, ability to deal with people.