Mountcrest University College Department Of Public Health

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Mountcrest University College Department Of Public Health

You are welcome to the School of Medical and Health Sciences, MountCrest University College. The School currently offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in public health and health services management. The programmes are unique, tailored to field situation and learner-centred meant to provide you with the competencies that you will require to carry out the expected task when employed to work in the health sector. To make the programmes flexible, we encourage student participation in drawing up the timetable. Also sandwich programmes are being designed to meet the needs of students.

MountCrest is making strides in the training of public health practitioners and health services managers. Our strength lies in having seasoned practitioners with substantial experience in the field to provide relevant and practical instructions in response to the goals and objectives of the programmes. You will be exposed to an interactive learning process in a conducive environment supported by meaningful practice and feedback. At MountCrest University College, your experience counts. We welcome your input into the teaching and learning process. You are free to share your experiences to enrich the learning exposure. It is important to note that we will require hard work from you because the bulk of the work lies with you. However, the faculty is available to assist you in your learning process to make your learning easy and interesting.

I take this opportunity to announce that in the next few months, additional programmes will be running in the school to include midwifery, general nursing, mental health nursing, medical laboratory science and physician assistant studies.


Undergraduate Programme

  • Bachelor of Science Health Services Management/Public Health

Postgraduate Programme

  • Master of Science Health Services Management/Public Health

*NB: Ghana Health Services recognizes Mountcrest University College’s Programmes in Public Health and Health Services Management.

Thus, a career in the health services sector is assured after completion

Contact Us

MountCrest University College
Readwide Building
12 Ablade Road
Kanda, Accra

P.O Box YK 1408
Kanda-Accra, Ghana

t: +233-302-937-219


m: +233-508-114-959
m: +233-277-551-606


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