Display Fridge Prices In Ghana

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What Is Display Fridge?

A Display Fridge Is an open-fronted commercial multideck designed to grant customers the access to chilled products directly from the shelf.

Features Of Display Fridge:

  • Multideck displays: open-fronted multi-shelves cabinet like the Grab and Go fridge and Patisserie display fridge.
  • Drinks fridge cabinets: upright glass door fridge with multi-shelves, like the Bottle chiller, Back bar fridge, Wine cooler and Beer fridge.
  • Counter fridges: Double glazed cabinets that help the retailer to serve presented goods. These are the Serve over, Top counter and Counter fridges.



Open chiller run shapes the home of the pervasive glass entryway merchandiser all over the nation. Open multideck units offer an incredible method to introduce a wide scope of items in flawlessly chilled conditions. The size of the multideck fridge you pick is significant. The little one has close to 600mm longer, and the greatest model has 1800mm length.

There are various highlights which are beneficial while picking an open-fronted display fridge: removable base plates to give simpler cleaning access, glass sideboards to expand introduction and deals, rack risers for preventing items from tumbling off onto the shop floor.

Sizes and temperatures:

The size of the open chiller you pick is significant. All things considered, you need to fit into the space accessible without deterring or congestion walkways. The littler multideck display has not any more than 600mm longer, and the greatest cabinet has 1800mm length.

An immediate impression of size is limit. The greater measurements the more region will be accessible for stock items. The limit will likewise subject to the number and setup of racks that every cabinet holds.

The temperature run fall between 0˚C to 10˚C, giving ideal conditions to most of refrigerated produces. If you are hoping to stock fresh meat, you will require a lower temperature range to keep up sanitation, normally in the locale of 0°C – 2°C. That implies you to visit our Display Freezer or the Chest Freezer classes.


Premium multidecks have a lot of astonishing highlights like removable base plates, auto defrost, glass sideboards, premium LED lighting, night blinds, rack risers, and 304 stainless steel wraps up. By and large, temperature ranges fall anyplace between – 2˚C to 10˚C giving the perfect conditions to stock and present any merchandise.

The class of a la mode and solid ECO-Fridge Premium Open Display Chillers ideal suite for the quickly developing Grab and Go areas. Likewise, they arrive in an assortment of models to suit every one of your needs, including high limit, medium and thin line plans. Models with a heated Display are additionally accessible.


The exceptional commercial chillers come accessible in 304 stainless steel, dark steel and white steel completes. With widths running from 600mm up to 1900mm, giving you the ideal alternative regardless of the size of your business.

All ECO-Fridge Premium Multideck Display Chillers have an imaginative air blind framework. That reuses the air that is ordinarily squandered in regular plans, making our display fridges probably the most feasible and ecologically eco-accommodating models accessible.

With an ECO-Fridge premium open fridge, you don’t need to forfeit an eye-getting show for prevalent refrigeration. Likewise, where the product is short-lived or has a short period of usability. They consolidate better chilling limit with the capacity than make an alluring presentation.


All ECO-Fridge Grab and Go display fridges have a modern air drape framework, which reuses the chilling air. In other words, the air is ordinarily squandered in traditional structures. Taking everything into account, this makes them probably the most practical and Eco-accommodating units accessible.

Our Grab and Go displays establishes the best quality units at the market. Appropriate for pressed merchandise and beverages, our multidecks are accessible in a wide zone of shapes, sizes and limits, for any providing food condition.


A display fridge needs to offer the ideal temperature to save the freshness, surface, dampness and kind of your items. In addition, will tempt clients with its high effect display. The temperature range will be directed by the items you wish to presents.

The temperature ranges are: – 1/+7 C.


Cake fridge

All patisserie display chillers help to exhibit your sweet cakes and baked goods in the most engaging light conceivable. We offer the perfect choice of cake fridge for use in a patisserie, bread shop, café, coffee bar or eatery.


A cake display fridge needs to offer the ideal temperature. Furthermore, this will protect the freshness, surface, and kind of your sweet cakes to entice clients to purchase.

The temperature ranges are: +5/+7 C.


Cooking Serve Over Counter (or Deli Display) will pull in your clients to purchase more. All the more then this, our astonishing display fridge guarantees you the augmentation of the deals of your food and beverages. Particularly helpful in providing food, bottles, shops and takeaways, serve over fridges ensure your stock at the ideal temperature.

Notwithstanding, the highlights gave by our counter fridge make it a stunning bit of providing food gear for an extensive scope of takeaway conditions. What’s more, it is additionally equipped for keeping goods and drinks chilled for a lengthy timespan periods.

Our serving counter gives an outstanding answer for providing food business. Also, having items alluringly showed legitimately before clients, it empowers up-deals per client. A typical sight in flasks, stores and grocery shops, the serve over speaks to a beautiful method to grandstand a broad scope of produce.


Versatility: regardless of whether you need to exhibit meat or other chilled items, these portable display counters are great. Likewise, they can be effortlessly shipped anyplace is required.

Slimline: every one of our serve over displays can without much of a stretch fit through an entryway of standard size. All things being equal, those slimline refrigerators accompany a huge showcase deck that amplifies its inside zone.


A serve over fridge needs to offer the right temperature. Thus, it will safeguard the freshness, dampness and kind of your products and will entice customers with its high effect glass show.

The temperature ranges are: 0 to +12 C.


Twofold Glazed Counter Display Fridges ideal suit in patisseries, cake shops, and cheddar shops. Furthermore, with their astonishing highlights like the top-quality parts, double coated glasses, this chiller comes accessible in a scope of various sizes and are reasonable for all sort of foundations.

With fortified front, top and sides, and substantial double glazed back entryways, the counter display offers the perfect warm effectiveness. Most important, they suit for showing cakes and other patisserie items. The blower with worked in controls gives ventilated refrigeration at every shelf level to keep up a perfect temperature all through.

Regardless of whether you sell cakes, natural products, cheddar, or general chilled items, its full display will welcome your clients to purchase.


Here, at ECO Fridge, we have an extraordinary scope of models to suit every one of your needs. From our Standard Upright Display Chiller to the Premium back bar Fridge class.

Our cabinets suit perfect in bars, clubs, shops, bistros, and that’s just the beginning. We stock single and twofold jug drinks fridges in numerous shapes, sizes and highlights.

Beverages chiller displays speaks to the perfect route for cooling drinks and different refreshments, enchanting introducing and luring to purchase more.

Bottle fridge

Most importantly, to keep drinks available and dependable our back bar fridge become an absolute necessity in eateries and bars. In this way, spoil your customers with crisp, mouth-watering and flawlessly chilled items. And make them returning for additional with an ECO-Fridge display.

We’ve tested in other famous bars or bars like yours every one of our beverages fridge units inside our range. Along these lines, we ensure that they can stay aware of the thorough condition. With one of our top-entertainer drinks fridge, you’ll serve each drink new, and this will let your clients fulfilled.

Upright display chiller

In case you’re searching for extra stockpiling for your refreshments, our choice of strong beverages fridge displays offer the ideal arrangement. Top proficiency and astonishing execution guarantee you that drinks are constantly chilled in premium conditions.

Glass door chillers splendidly stock and chill your beverages and other produce, appealingly introducing what your shop has accessible. Most importantly, upstanding display fridge units keep up the perfect chilled conditions and all inside a rich casing.

  • Removable base plates give simpler cleaning access.
  • Glass sideboards increment the introduction and develop the deals.
  • Stainless steel completes come at Premium class to lure you clients consideration.
  • Lighting presents the stock in the most appealing way. A part of our open chiller multidecks has a top-mounted LED lightning.
  • When shelves can be tilted, rack risers become perfect for preventing produce from tumbling off onto the floor.
  • Display fridge units can be huge, overwhelming, awkward bits of gear. Taking everything into account. Castors guarantee simple development and situating of hardware in your shop. You can alternatively choose them with extra-charge so you have to tick this choice.
  • Night blinds come as a Premium element and can be drawn over the display fridge during out of hours period. They speak to an incredible method to build vitality effectiveness.

Display Fridge Prices In Ghana:

The cost of display fridge in Ghana starts from GHc 2,550.00 to GHc 5,950.00..!!