Bolt Registration In Ghana

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Bolt is an Estonian mobility company that offers vehicle for hire, micro mobility, car-sharing, and food delivery services.

Below are the Bolt Registration In Ghana


Register through the sign-up portal and follow the application process:

Step 1: Enter your email address, phone number and city

Step 2: Fill in your personal details

Step 3: Fill in your National ID (Driver’s License Number) and License Number (Reference number of the License)

Step 4: Upload all the required documents and their expiry dates

Step 5: Fill in your payment details i.e. mobile money wallet where you want to receive payments: 

Select Person as your Billing Type

Your name as the Mobile Money Wallet Name

Your MoMo number starting with 233 as your Mobile Wallet Number

Your network provider is Mobile Money Network.

How do I register for Bolt?

If you have these requirements, you may continue to complete the following steps to sign up as a driver:

Step 1: Registration. Visit the application portal to start the registration process.

Step 2: Complete training. Please allow a period of 48 hours for the application review process to take place. …

Step 3: Activation.

How much do bolt drivers make a day in Ghana?

The average monthly earnings of a Bolt driver in Accra is GHC 4000. From the final price per order, Bolt charges 20% commission.

How do bolt drivers get paid?

The Bolt payment cycle runs weekly, and earnings are calculated from 00:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday. At the end of each week, Bolt will send you a statement.

Negative balance: your in-app payments, compensations, and bonuses were not enough to cover the 20% commission we charge per ride.