Hennessy Prices In Ghana

What Is Hennessy?

Jas Hennessy & Co., commonly known simply as Hennessy, is a French producer of cognac, which has its headquarters in Cognac, France. It is one of the “big four” cognac houses, along with Martell, Courvoisier, and Rémy Martin, who together make around 85% of the world’s cognac. 

Hennessy Ingredients: 

Henessy is a cognac, and to be labeled as one, the brand must follow the standard ingredients and process set out by the French Law. The premium white grapes used in making Henessy are harvested from four of the seven designated areas in cognac. In addition, to be considered a cognac brandy, the ingredients and production must happen in Cognac only.

Types of Hennessy Ingredients (Cognac): 

Hennessy V.S.O.P Prvilège

The Hennessy V.S.O.P. Prvilège is a special order for King George IV of England and was first created in 1817. The V.S.O.P. stands for Very Superior Old Pale. This brandy is a blend of 60 eau-de-vie matured up to 15 years in oak barrels. 

V.S.O.P. has notes of honeyed fruit, vanilla, velvety, and has intriguing spice. The classic cognac is not overpriced and is good for high-end cocktails or pouring in a cup to sip.

Hennessy V.S

Hennessy V.S stands for Very Special, and it is a modern rendition of the 3-star cognac. The Hennessy V.S is a blend of 40 years old eau-de-vie and is known for being the brand’s flagship. 

Hennessy V.S has a subtle hint of fruit and notes like roasted almonds and brown sugar. It is rich and fresh and has a creamy vanilla taste and a floral-like finish that you can sip.

Hennessy X.O

Hennessy X.O. is a luxurious cognac introduced in 1870 which became the foundation of all the expressions issued by the brand. The whiskey has a blend of over 100 eau-de-vie aged 30 years above that are carefully selected in barrels. 

Unlike other spirits, X.O. has a noticeable sweetness that can be compared with a candied fruit but with some hints of spicy pepper flavors. It also has a hint of chocolate, wood, spice, and vanilla. Hennessy X.O is a top-shelf bottle of spirit and is ideal for sipping or consuming over ice or with a mixed cocktail. 

How Is Hennessy Made?

In order to produce the finest cognac, the premium grapes are needed to be pressed, distilled, and fermented into wine. With the use of Charentais copper alembic stills, it will go through a double distillation process to be an eau-de-vie. The clear spirit will be aged in French limousin oak casks for a minimum of two years, then blended. As it ages inside the barrel, it will be rotated and placed in different cellars depending on its characteristics.  

Is Hennessy A Strong Drink?

Yes, Hennessy is one of the strong drinks that contains 40% ABV. If you plan to drink Hennessy cognac, a 1,000 ml bottle contains 400 ml pure booze making it one of the strong cognacs you should not consume in just one sitting. 

Hennessy Prices In Ghana:

Hennessy VS1L379.20 – 401.95
1.75L568.83 – 629.52
Hennessy XO750 ml1517.01 – 1744.57
Hennessy VSOP750 ml637.10 – 652.27