Kitchen Cabinets Prices In Ghana

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What Is Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinets are the built-in furniture installed in many kitchens for storage of food, cooking equipment, and often silverware and dishes for table service. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are often integrated into kitchen cabinetry.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinets?


Shaker-style cabinets are among the most popular choices for kitchen remodels — for a good reason! This cabinet style is distinctive yet timeless. Shaker cabinet doors and drawers have a flat surface with a recessed panel in the middle. This style is available in an array of materials and colors. Because shaker cabinets are so simple in design, they can fit with virtually any interior style. The ice white shaker cabinets are a customer favorite and are the perfect choice for farmhouse or modern kitchens.


Besides shaker-style, raised panel kitchen cabinets are among the most popular design choices. Timeless yet visually stimulating, the three-dimensional structure of these kitchen cabinet doors fits well with any interior design style. The center panel of these cabinet doors is slightly raised and adds dimension to the look.


Slab kitchen cabinets, also commonly referred to as flat-front or panel-front cabinets are among the most simple design styles to choose from for your kitchen remodel. The biggest advantages of this design are the low price tag and the easy maintenance due to the flat surface and lack of design details in the wood.

Unless you’re looking for a truly minimalist kitchen (in which case this is the perfect kitchen cabinet style for you), you can spice this cabinet style up with a unique paint color, stain or hardware.


Also called open frame doors, glass-front kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to openly display their kitchen items. Whether you want to show off unique plates, crystal vases, or your collection of international beer mugs, you can keep items like these safe yet visible behind glass-front cabinets. Unlike open shelves, glass-front cabinets provide more storage space and will protect your possessions from collecting dust.


If you’re looking to add Scandinavian flair to your home, beadboard cabinets are the way to go. The vertical slats that make up the cabinet fronts may not be the best design choice for a minimal home but they’re a wonderful touch in a cottage or rustic kitchen. In a minimal or modern kitchen, a kitchen island with beadboard cabinet doors can add a special twist to your design. The vertical slats are also pretty to look at behind glass-front cabinet doors. So if you’re considering a truly unique kitchen design, picking this style for the inside of your cabinets is an option as well.


When picking framed cabinets, inset doors are a cool design option. These cabinet doors fit flush with the face frame of the cabinet and result in a smooth and clean look. This type of kitchen cabinet door style can be more expensive because it is difficult to install. Small mistakes during installation can result in a messy finish. However, a perfectly installed inset cabinet will look absolutely beautiful in your modern or farmhouse kitchen.


While cabinet boxes are typically made of plywood, the engineered wood is also becoming a more popular design choice for the cabinet doors. A clear finish will show off the grain and protect the already durable and strong material from damage. This style cabinet will look great in a minimalist, bohemian, or Scandinavian style home and pair well with simple design features like white subway tile backsplash or marble countertops.


Finally, louvered cabinets are a great way to add a unique touch to your kitchen. Louvered cabinet doors consist of layered horizontal slabs that bring the illusion of space to your kitchen. While difficult to clean, this airy style draws attention and can elevate an otherwise bland kitchen design. This style door is the perfect detail to add to a bohemian, Asian zen, or coastal style kitchen. Louvered doors can look great covering base, upper or even tall kitchen cabinets adding dimension to your space.

The Importance of Kitchen Cabinets:

The kitchen is often considered the most important room inside of your home. It provides a place where you can create fuel for your family. It is often where your entire family gathers on a regular basis. Due to the importance of the kitchen, it is critical to ensure the best possible kitchen cabinets for your kitchen space.

Improve Kitchen Cabinet Organization:

Kitchen Cabinets are often required to house a broad array of items. They must hold ingredients for baking and cooking, appliances, cookbooks, and many more things. When your kitchen has adequate cabinet space, it will be far easier to ensure effective organization in your kitchen area. This can ensure that you find what you are looking for more easily, without substantial issues. In addition, a kitchen that is well-organized will ultimately maintain a far better appearance than a cluttered kitchen area.

Enhance Functionality:

It can be incredibly difficult to cook efficiently when your kitchen is cluttered and disorganized. With adequate cabinet space, your kitchen will function far more efficiently. This can help to make cooking easier and allow you to complete your processes far more quickly. If the kitchen doesn’t have sufficient cabinet space, it is likely that groceries will litter the countertops. This can provide you with limited space to prep meals.

Kitchen Cabinets Prices In Ghana:

The cost of Kitchen Cabinets in Ghana varies depending on the type, style, design and where you are buying from So it from an amount of GH₵ 1,000.00 to GH₵ 26,000.00…!!!