tax specialist job

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Who is a tax specialist and what do they do? A tax specialist is employed by a specific organisation and his/her task is to ensure the tax and levy obligations of the organisation are met, as advantageously as possible for the organisation, given the circumstances. The tasks of the tax adviser/consultant are the same, but s/he is not a direct employee of the organisation, but is rather hired by it (or an individual) and usually works for more than one organisation (or individual), who are his/her clients.

What are the activities of the tax specialist job? The main activities include – setting the company’s tax agenda – co-ordinating the tax agenda with accounting, financial and other systems in the company – calculating income tax, value added tax, road tax, excise taxes, as well as other types of taxes, and informing the responsible staff about the amounts to be paid – looking for possibilities and ways of managing, accounting and reporting liabilities which may lead to lower taxes – determining or proposing ways of using investment assets and hire-purchases in relation to their tax advantage for the company – completing tax return forms and submitting them to the tax authorities in a timely fashion – making sure taxes and levies are paid on time – responsibility for contact with tax authorities and other government offices, dealing with any problems connected to tax returns and to the payment of taxes.

Where is it done and under what conditions? The job is done in offices and meeting-rooms – a fairly comfortable working environment.

What tools/equipment do they use? The tools most commonly used include computer technology, writing equipment and paper and the person’s own spoken word.

What do you need to succeed? A university degree, specialised higher, or completed secondary education with a school-leaving certificate, preferably in economics, and training courses dealing with tax issues and the applicable laws and norms. Also required are arithmetical skills, precision, good memory, ability to learn, ability to deal with people and a cultivated appearance and conduct.