Courses Offered At GIMPA Faculty Of Law

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Courses Offered At GIMPA Faculty Of Law


Ghana Legal System Law of Torts I & II
Legal Method Law of immovable property I & II
Constitutional Law I & II Equity and succession I & II
Law of Contract I & II Jurisprudence I & II
Criminal Law I & II Long Essay I & II


Commercial Law I & II Environmental Law
Conflict of Law   I & II Law of Devolution and Decentralization
Public International Law I & II Labour and Employment Law
Company Law I & II Security Transactions Law
International Trade and Investment Law Law of Banking
Administrative Law Law of Trust
ECOWAS Law Insurance Law
Human Rights Law Family and Domestic Relations Law
Policymaking and The Law Taxation and Revenue  Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution Intellectual Property Law
Media Law Criminology and Forensics