Casio Touch Watches Prices In Ghana

What Is Casio Touch Watches?

This is a digital screen touch wrist watch, it’s is very durable and simple,it is a unisex watch,it’s black color with simple band, it’s the latest . 

Casio mechanical LED wrist watch is an outstanding unique watch that befits all function such as business meeting, casual outings, sports etc.

What Is Casio Touch Watches Made Of?

Casio touch watch can be made from material such as stainless steel, quartz leather and metal. 

What Is Special About Casio Touch Watches?

They are Water Resistant and Fade Proof Casio Watches.


  • 50-meter water resistance.
  • LED backlight.
  • 7-year battery life.
  • Daily alarm.
  • Case / bezel material: Resin.
  • Resin Band.
  • Resin Glass.
  • TOUCH screen

Why Casio Touch Watches?

Casio touch watches available in all colours at a very cool price. Very affordable and authentic to choose from.

How to know authentic Casio Touch Watch?

Grey market Casio Watch: Grey market Casio watches usually do NOT have “CE” printed on the peel-away sticker on the reverse of the watch. Original Casio Watch: Casio watches officially distributed in the UK and Europe either have a peel-away sticker with “CE” printed on it, or CE printed on the back of the watch.

When Should You Wear A Digital Watch?

With the ability to record time elapsed and distance traveled, digital watches make it easy to track your workouts. Whether you run every day or spend hours in the gym, your digital watch can track your progress and help you set goals to keep improving. Some digital watches can also monitor your heart rate.

How Do You Set A Casio Touch Watch?

Steps on How to Set the Time on a Casio Illuminator Watch?

  • On your Casio Touch watch, tap once to light up the time area on your Casio screen.
  • Now, touch and hold on the Hour area for 5-7 seconds until the Hour meter starts blinking.
  • Once it blinks, you can tap on the Hour area to change the Hour forward.

How Do I Charge My Casio Touch Watch?

Insert the two gold pins into a USB port.

The most common charging tool is a USB adapter, like the one that comes with most modern Android phones and tablets. The display should light up to indicate that it has been plugged in.

How Long Do Casio Led Watches Last?

Generally speaking, the battery of a modern digital watch should last for at least two years, and in some cases can carry on for four, five or even six years. How often you use the watch’s extra features, and the backlight if it has one, will affect battery life.

Prices Of Casio Touch Watches In Ghana;

Casio Touch Watch GH₵ 150
Casio Touch Watch GH₵ 100
Casio Touch Watch With Bracelet GH₵ 150
Casio Touch Watch GH₵ 180