Goil Fuel Prices In Ghana

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What Is Goil Fuel?

GOIL Company Limited (GOIL) succeeded the marketing outfit of AGIP PETROLI, a subsidiary of which was established in Ghana in 1960. In 1974, the Government of Ghana acquired 100 percent shares and changed the name to Ghana Oil Company Limited. In 2019, the Company changed its name to GOIL Company Limited, to reflect its growth and expanded activities/ventures in the petroleum sector and other industries.

GOIL has the largest retail network across the country. The company also has numerous consumer outlets throughout Ghana. The consumer outlets include companies, schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, banks and major parastatals.

In addition, there are a number of other retail outlets established to market premix fuel and kerosene to rural areas. LP Gas filling plants have also been installed at some of the filling and service stations and at other locations in the country.

GOIL offers you different modes of payment for goods and services at the service stations. In addition to using cash, GOIL Coupons and GO cards are accepted. These payment options are available to individuals, companies,  organizations and transport owners who wish to control expenditure.

The Company’s geographical spread places it first in terms of the distribution of petroleum products and its network enables its products to reach virtually all parts of the country. GOIL fuel is widely preferred because of the many advantages; GOIL sells additivated fuels that give high performance. GOIL fuel is economical because it reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs; it is efficient because it disperses water and improves combustion and it also reduces fumes and toxic emissions.

Goil Fuel Prices In Ghana:

Petrol is selling at GH¢17.99 per litre, while Kerosene is selling at GH¢14.70. The new prices took effect from Tuesday, November 1, 2022. The Institute for Energy Security (IES) had predicted that petrol and diesel prices will hit GH¢18 and ¢20 per litre for the November 2022 first pricing window.