Where to buy Soap Molds in Ghana

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Where to buy Soap Molds in Ghana

Acrilex osu, Phone: 030 277 7399

MGL Naturals, Phone: 020 100 0255

KAEME, Phone: 050 701 1213

Lucien Chemical Shop, Phone: 024 493 4492

NAYA BY AFRICA – A&C MALL, Phone: 020 452 5890

Nokware Skincare Retail Store, Phone: 055 056 1335

Cheryl Organics, Phone: 054 170 9394

Micrite Grp Gh Ltd, Phone: 023 381 6100

Nokware Skincare Office & Factory, Phone: 023 381 6100

What are the best soap molds to use?

One of the most popular soap mold options is a silicone mold.

They are easy to clean with no lining necessary and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Other mold options include recycled containers, plastic and wood molds. Each have benefits that may affect your soaping experience.

How do you make soap molds at home?

Stir the soap into the water. Squeeze enough silicone into the bowl for the project you have in mind. …

Using gloves, pick up the mound of silicone and squeeze together.

Flatten out on a clean surface to just larger than the object you are molding.

When the silicone is cured, peel it off of the mold object.

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