Where to buy Prune Juice in Ghana

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Prune juice is a fruit juice derived from prunes that have been rehydrated.

Meijer Prune Juice, 64 oz Vegetable & Prune | Meijer Grocery, Pharmacy,  Home & More!

Citydia, Phone: 027 781 5890

Shoprite Osu, Phone: 024 165 2947

Melcom Haatso-Atomic Road, Address: Haatso-Atomic Rd, Accra

Game Accra, Phone: 030 274 0000

Electromart-Highstreet, Phone: 054 011 5247

Melcom Spintex Shop, Phone: 030 225 1784

Electromart-Adenta, Phone: 055 275 5456

Qualiplast Ltd, Phone: 030 222 3642


Koala Shopping Center – Osu, Phone: 030 276 5665

Westlands Fresh Foods, Phone: 055 450 7527

SPAR Supermarket Adjiringanor, Phone: 055 649 3650

How much prune juice should I drink to poop?

Prune juice is an effective remedy for constipation in both children and adults. When giving prune juice to an infant, the Mayo Clinic recommends trying 2 to 4 ounces at a time and adjusting the amount as needed.

Is it OK to drink prune juice every day?

Prune juice nutrients are a great addition to your diet.

Is Prune Juice a good laxative?

Prunes are high in dietary fiber, but much of it is lost in the juice-making processes.

Instead, prune juice acts as a laxative because it contains sorbitol, magnesium, and potassium, all of which improve bowel function.

What is the best prune juice to buy?

Sunsweet Sunsweet is the best prune juice on the market. 

How quickly does prune juice work?

People with constipation may find that drinking between half a cup and 1 cup of prune juice in the morning helps stimulate digestion.

A second cup 30 minutes to 1 hour after a heavy meal may also be beneficial.

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