2020/21 National Service Scheme (NSS) Pin Code Information

By | September 30, 2020

2020/21 National Service Scheme (NSS) Pin Code Information

2020/21 National Service Scheme (NSS) Pin Code Information

About the 2020/21 NSS Pin Codes

The Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has on April 24, 2020, released for registration a total of One Hundred and Eleven Thousand Six Hundred and Thirteen (111,613) PIN Codes for eligible Ghanaian final year students from all accredited Tertiary Institutions in the country to enable them enroll to do their mandatory national service for the 2020/2021 service year.

All prospective national service personnel are hereby requested to visit the Scheme’s website www.nss.gov.gh to access their PIN Codes with their respective Index Numbers and Date of Birth and proceed to any branch of Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. (ADB) throughout the country to make payment of an amount of GH₵ 40.00.

However, the use of MTN Mobile Money is advised to reduce the frequency of human contact in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who resort to PIN Code activation via MTN Mobile Money, payment of an amount of GH₵ 41.00 is required.

Management urges all prospective National Service Personnel to ensure that they complete their enrolment process on or before Friday the 31st of May, 2020.

How to Check and Activate the 2020/21 National Service Scheme (NSS) Pin Codes

Activating your PIN Code prior to registration for your national service obligation have been simplified . The process takes less than five minutes to complete. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the link https://portal.nss.gov.gh/check-pin
    and prefix your Index Number / student ID number and Date of Birth in the space provided and “SEARCH”
  • A bio data of your pin code, full name, Institution, Course of study and year of enrollment will be given. Kindly copy the pin code.
  • The next thing is to use your pin code as reference in payment for its activation.

The use of MTN Mobile money and Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. (ADB) are preferred.

How to activate PIN with MTN Mobile Money

  • Kindly dial *170#,
  • Choose option 2 for “PAY BILL”
  • Choose General Payments (Option 6)
  • Enter Payment code as – NSS PINCODE (type NSS, put a space, then type your PINCODE). The menu will return to your name for confirmation.
  • Enter deposit amount (GH¢41.00).
  • Enter “NSS” as reference
  • Enter PIN to confirm payment
  • You will receive a message to confirm the transaction, then you can proceed to NSS Registration

Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions and answers to them

Can a person be posted to a private company to do National Service?

Typically, private companies write to NSS requesting for NSPs. Such letters are expected to reach the NSS national secretariat before the end of April in any year.

NSP deployed on the basis of such requests are allowed to undertake their national service assignments in the private sector.

NSS does not encourage private companies to request for specific NSP, however, a general idea of qualification and background of personnel they need is necessary.

Can I decide not to take up my posting even though I registered and was been duly deployed?

Any Ghanaian eligible for national service who is deployed but is not available or does not report at his/her service post without prior permission, within a period of three months after close of postings, and without proper authorization, is considered an committed an evasion for which the appropriate section of the NSS Act shall be evoked.


What happens if I left my duty post prior to completing my national service?

Any NSP that takes up posting but does not complete the full period, without proper authorization from the Board, is classified as a deserter and appropriate sanctions shall be applied against him/her.

Three months after desertion, the service person shall be declared an evader. Any national service rendered before desertion will be nullified and personnel on reporting back to the National Service Secretariat shall be made to start service afresh.

I have started work with a user agency prior to postings/deployment and intend to stay there for my national service. Is this allowed?

You are engage in an offense called “self-posting”. NSP who posts himself or herself to a user agency other than the one to which s/he was officially posted, either with or without connivance of the officials of the user agency will not be recognized as having done national service, and will be made to face the appropriate sanctions.

How do I prove that I have done my National Service when I have completed it?

Once you completed your national service, a certificate will be issued to you specifying the details of your service to assure your prospective employers that you have successfully completed the national service and satisfied a major legal requirement for an unimpeded entry into the labour market. Where the certificate is not ready, the NSS secretariat will give you attestation letters in lieu of the certificate.

How do I obtain more information about the activities of NSS?

NSS organizes orientations on several campuses across the country every year prior to deployment. The orientation events often serve opportunities to learn more about the NSS, to interact with management, questions or seek clarifications, and get to hear about the experience of others.

Please feel free to visit the NSS website www.nss.gov.gh which is active and updated regularly with all the relevant information. NSS is also active on facebook (www.facebook.com/nssghana), Twitter (@nssghana) and other social media platforms.

Who is qualified and eligible to do National Service?

Every Ghanaian youth who attains eighteen years and above , is qualified to undertake national service, however, eligibility is presently limited to only young Ghanaians who are eighteen years and above at the time of completing or obtaining their first tertiary education degree or diploma.

What is the procedure for applying for a pin code

You can apply online or follow the procedure below:

You can apply for a PIN code or re-activate your old PIN code if you couldn’t undertake your national service at an earlier point in time but was issued with a PIN code for registration by then. The following procedures must be followed:

For issuance of new PIN codes:

You must write an official application addressed to the Executive Director through the following address:

Ghana National Service Scheme, 46 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area, Box 46, State House, Accra, Ghana.

Include in the letter, your Full name, Institution attended, Programme pursued (course), Your School’s Index number, Year of completion. Attach a copy of your certificates.

For re-activation of old (existing) PIN codes which was once issued to you:

You must write a letter addressed to the Executive Director of NSS requesting for re-activation of your old pincode. Include in the letter, your Old PIN code, your Full name, Institution attended, Programme pursued (course), Your school’s index number, Year of completion. Attach a copy of your certificates

Why is the National Service Scheme important?

NSS is important primarily because it offers Ghanaian youth the chance to enter the labour market through work in either the public or private sectors, pick business ideas, develop early contact with potential employers, reflect on career options, acquire practical on the job training, while contributing to socio-economic transformation development at the same time.

What is the National Service Scheme (NSS)?

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a youth focused program of mobilization in aid of national development. It has its origins in the desire and demands of Ghanaian youth for early opportunities to participate in shaping the destiny of our country.

NSS is designed to provide young Ghanaians with practical experiences otherwise unavailable in the classroom, yet needed to survive in the world of work, and necessary for career planning as well as adulthood.

Through the NSS program, service personnel have helped to combating hunger, diseases, ignorance, illiteracy, and shaped development of communities across the country.


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