By | 26 May 2016


The Ministry of Power, through the Energy Commission, is implementing a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Programme in the country. The programme is in fulfillment of the President’s Rooftop Solar PV initiative announced in 2015. As part of the preparatory activities, the Energy Commission has implemented some pilot projects to ascertain the technical feasibility and viability of the initiative.As at today,a number of roof top solar systems of different capacities have been installed under different scenarios including the use of Net Meters which will enable the beneficiaries to sell electricity generated from solar systems back to the distribution companies who will credit the beneficiary with the supply.

In order to kick-start the actual implementation of the programme, the Energy Commission has been tasked to facilitate the installation of 20,000 rooftop solar PV systems in residential facilities(homes) underaCapitalSubsidySchemein2016.

Under the programme, a capital subsidy will be given to beneficiaries in two forms, as either:

cash payment for solar panels component of the solar PV system; or

the supply of actual solar panels after the beneficiary has purchased and installed there quisite Balance of System(BoS) components such as inverter, batteries, charge controllers, etc.

The maximum capacity of solar panels that will be granted each beneficiary under the programme shall be up to 500 Watts.

A number of commercial bank shave expressed interest in  providing loan facilities to interested beneficiaries in respect of the procurement of BoS components for the solar PV systems of their choice.

Programme Objective

Theprimaryobjectiveoftheprogrammeistoprovide200MWpeak load relief on the national grid through solar PV technology in the medium term.

Who can be a Beneficiary?

Residential Facilities(Homes)

Qualification Criteria

Prospective beneficiaries shall satisfy the following  conditions:

Change all lamps in their facility to LED lamps;

Be willing to purchase BoS Components;

Install only deep cycle batteries designed for solar PV systems;

Ensure that BoS meet the minimum Standards set by Ghana Standards Authority (GSA);and

Use only solar PV installers licensed by the Energy Commission for all the installation works.

How to become a Beneficiary

Pick an Application Form from the Office of the Energy Commission or its website, fill and submit it;

Receive approval of application from the Energy Commission;

Obtain a list of accredited solar vendors where BoS must be purchased from the Energy Commission;

Purchase the requisite BoS components (batteries, charge controllers, inverter, changeover switch and wires) from an accredited solar vendor of your choice;

Invite Energy Commission field officers to come and inspect the installation of the BoS;and

Obtain from the Energy Commission solar panels to be coupled to the installed BoS or a cash refund for the cost of the solar panels already purchased and installed, if the criteria is met.

Application Form

Application Forms may be downloaded at

Completed Application Forms should be submitted at the Office of the Energy Commission or addressed to:

The Programme Director

National Rooftop Solar Programme

Energy Commission

PMB, Ministries Post Office