By | 9 December 2020

During his October 18th Address to the Nation on measures to address the spread of coronavirus, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, announced the commencement of the academic year for new and continuing students in tertiary institutions from January.

As a follow-up to the President’s address, we write to inform all faculty, staff and students that UPSA has made tentative arrangements to commence the Academic Year on January 4th.

The approved tentative arrangements for re-opening the University for the Academic Year are as follows:

  1. Registration of Students

Registration dates of both fresh and continuing students for the first semester academic year are:

  • Fresh students:      Currently on-going and expected to end 22nd December
  • Continuing Students: Currently on-going and expected to end 31st January
  1. Schedule for Reporting to Campus
  • Students in Levels 100 and 400 will report to the campus on January 4th, to commence the academic year via face-to-face instruction delivery, while students in Levels 200 and 300 will begin classes online.
  • Students in Levels 200 and 300 will report to campus on February 22nd for face-to-face instruction, while Levels 100 and 400 will move to taking their courses online.
  1. Proposed Academic Calendar- First Semester

A summary of the proposed Academic Calendar for the Academic Year is provided below:

Undergraduate and Diploma (Level 100 and Level 400)

First Semester
Teaching (in-person) 4th January – 21st February
Teaching (on-line)22nd February – 4th April
Revision5th April – 11th April
Examinations12th April– 2nd May

Undergraduate and Diploma (Level 200 and Level 300)

First Semester
Teaching (on-line)4th January – 21st February,
Teaching (in-person) 22nd February – 4th April
Revision5th April –, 11th April
Examinations12th April– 2nd May

Kindly note that the approved tentative arrangement may change based on further directives from the President of the Republic on the re-opening of tertiary institutions.

Any further development on this matter will be promptly communicated to the university community.

Thank you.


Dr. Koryoe Anim-Wright


Issued Date/ 8th December