By | 20 December 2021

The University of Ghana has granted General Amnesty to graduate students who for various reasons were unable to satisfy the University’s requirements for graduation.

Such students with outstanding or failed courses/theses/dissertations/long essays/project works will be allowed to re-take/re-sit courses or submit their theses/dissertation/long essays/project works to enable them to graduate. The period for the General Amnesty, which is already ongoing, will end in the 2023/2024 academic year. Applications can therefore be submitted for 2021/2022, 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 academic years.

Eligibility Applicants should have been admitted to graduate programmes and should have completed final year from 2010/2011 academic year to the present but have since not been awarded degrees due to elapsed studentship.

Please find below the application process for Prospective General Amnesty:

Expression of Interest Applicants who want to take advantage of this opportunity are required to apply through their respective academic units and provide information on the following:

· When they started the programme

· An explanation on why they were unable to complete the programme

· Academic records

The applications for the 2021/2022 academic year will be consistent with the current application for re-admission.


Applications will be considered on individual basis. If approved, the School will offer amnesty through the re-admission window.

The terms and conditions of the re-admission will be spelt out in the re-admission letter which will be issued after submission of completed application forms.

Applicants will be provided with University of Ghana email address and PIN after completing the application form.

Registration of Courses Applicants are required to register outstanding/failed courses and/or theses/dissertations/long essays/project work. The School of Graduate Studies will assist the applicants to register.

Applicants who intend to take courses should kindly note that some of the courses have been phased out. The phased-out courses may be replaced with the new courses after the deadline for registration. Supervisors of Theses/Dissertations/Long Essays/Project Work may also not be available.

Heads of Academic Units will inform the applicants accordingly.

Schedule of Fees

The fee to be paid will depend on the respective academic programme. Details of the fees will

be indicated in the re-admission letter.

Provisional Identification Cards Applicants would be provided with Provisional Identification Cards (ID) after the deadline for registration.

Deadline for Amnesty Course Registration The deadline for course registration for the first semester of the 2021/2022 academic year will be consistent with the deadline for add/drop.

Helpdesk Applicants who need any assistance should contact the School of Graduate Studies through:

Email: Tel No. 0303966098, 0545462159, 0570231039


· Participants will be required to attend lectures in the particular course(s) they have registered to re-sit.

· Participants will be expected to undertake all prescribed course works in order to sit for the examination(s).

· Participants who have outstanding theses/dissertations/long essays/project works will be expected to work with their respective supervisors.